Kraus Turino Farmhouse Sink Review of 2024 – Read Before Buying

Kraus Turino Farmhouse Sink Review

The Kraus Turino farmhouse sink has been a popular choice for many homeowners seeking an authentic farmhouse-style sink for their kitchen remodel or new home construction project. Since its introduction in 2017, it has won praise for its vintage aesthetic and durable construction.

As we enter 2024, many early adopters of this Kraus kitchen sink are now able to share their long-term reviews after several years of use. In this Kraus farmhouse sink review, we will explore what current owners have to say about the durability, functionality, and overall performance of this sink after extended use.

We’ll cover some of the most common questions people have: How does it hold up over time? Does it stain or show wear easily? Is it easy to clean? Does the finish chip or flake? By reading real-world owner experiences, you can get a better idea of what you can expect if purchasing a Turino sink for your kitchen remodel in 2024 or beyond.

We’ll also discuss any reported issues and potential areas to watch out for so you can make an informed decision on whether this is the right farmhouse sink for your home.

What are the Best Parts of Kraus Turino Farmhouse Sink


After putting my deep testing on this sturdy beauty for countless hours, I thought it was time I shared some insights on my go-to helper – the Kraus Turino farmhouse sink.

First off, its reversible design is a game-changer depending on your space. Right now it’s rocking the rounded apron look, but flip it around and bam – modern flat front for a different vibe. Versatility is key in your constantly evolving kitchen setup.

But versatility is just the start – what blows me away is this sink’s staying power. Crafted from premium Italian fireclay, it feels practically indestructible. And man, is it deep!

I’m talking fully submerging my biggest stock pots with room to spare. No crowding or spilled messes here while prepping those elaborate recipes. The color and finish are just as resilient. Zapped to insane temps in the kiln, that high-gloss enamel coating is no joke.

Not a scratch or stain in sight after heavy use and countless scrubbing – bravo, Kraus! And I appreciate the solid coloring that prevents any fading over time. This sink plans to stand the test of many kitchen makeovers to come.

Between its hardworking design, Italian pedigree, and tough-as-nails construction, it’s no wonder the Turino has become my most trusted kitchen ally. Any home chef seeking a true workhorse to handle whatever they cook up needs to look no further than this beauty.


When renovating my readers’ kitchens, I always want to select fixtures and appliances that would not only look beautiful and enhance the design aesthetic but would also stand the test of time through quality construction and durability. That’s why I chose the Kraus Turino farmhouse sink – an elegant, handcrafted piece that feels more like a work of art than just a utility sink.

Made entirely in Italy using locally sourced materials, this sink is a true testament to the skilled artisanship that the country is renowned for. The high-grade fireclay is quarried directly from Italian mines, ensuring the highest quality composition. Through an intricate firing process that bakes the clay at an incredibly high 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes incredibly strong and resistant to damage over decades of use.

Not only is the Kraus sink built to last with its ultra-durable fireclay, but it also has a stunningly gorgeous finish. The extra-thick, smooth enamel glaze protects the surface while giving it a high-gloss sheen. It provides unmatched resistance to scratches, stains, and wear – allowing this sink to maintain its pristine look no matter what messes the kitchen throws at it. This enamel coating keeps things looking new where other sinks show water spots or dull over time.

Perhaps most impressive is how the proprietary clay blend and precise manufacturing process prevent common problems like cracking or crazing. Through innovative material science, the artisans have engineered a structure at the microscopic level that stands up to thermal and physical stress.

In addition to its durability and beauty, the Kraus sink also provides an exceptionally quiet experience when in use. The fine-grained fireclay that the artisans sculpt it from acts as a natural sound dampener, eliminating vibrations and noise that typically echo from ceramic and stainless steel sinks. When washing dishes or filling pots of water, it is remarkably quiet – so much so that no additional soundproofing insulation is needed underneath. This allows me to run the sink without disturbing others or having to raise my voice over noise. The peaceful tranquility it offers is a luxury that other sinks can’t compare to.


The generous dimensions of this sink allow for maximum productivity in the kitchen. Measuring 33 inches in length by 18 1/4 inches wide, it provides an expansive workspace whether tackling a large batch of dishes, prepping multiple ingredients at once, or filling oversized stock pots. Its 10-inch depth is also ergonomically designed for comfort – deep enough for full submersion but not too deep to cause strain while cleaning or reaching the bottom.

The engineers at Kraus took special care to craft the perfect slope and angle for the basin of this sink. Through rigorous testing and analysis by the Italian artisans, they determined the precise measurements needed to keep water from pooling along the edges and corners. This prevents messy overflow or water spots from forming. At the same time, the subtle angle is not so steep that it causes fragile glassware or cookware to tip over. Whether rinsing delicate wine glasses or filling a stock pot, you can have peace of mind that your items will remain stable and secure.

Cleaning and maintenance have also been thoughtfully simplified. The exceptionally smooth enamel coating requires nothing more than a quick wipe-down with soapy water to remove any residue. Tough messes don’t stand a chance against its non-porous surface, keeping things hygienic without harboring bacteria beneath. Over time and with heavy use, other sink materials often show water spots or dulling – but the high-gloss finish of this enamel retains its just-installed shine.

The functionality extends further with the included premium bottom grid. Crafted from rugged stainless steel, it protects the basin from scratches while also serving to keep dishes and utensils elevated above draining water. This dual-purpose design prevents damage to the sink itself while allowing food particles and liquid to easily drain off without sitting. Rubber bumpers along the bottom additionally shield the surface from impacts or abrasions.

Of course, no matter how carefully it is engineered, a sink is vulnerable to damage during shipping and delivery. That is why Kraus utilizes rigorous ISTA testing standards to certify the packaging. This ensures the sink can withstand the forces of transport without risk of cracks or defects. It guarantees homeowners like yourself receive your beautiful new sink in perfect condition, ready to serve you flawlessly for decades.

What are the Downsides in Kraus Turino Farmhouse Sink?

Something I noticed while scrolling through dozens of reviews on Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe’s is that installing this big sink is no small feat. At over 130 pounds, you’ll want to call in the professionals for this job. I can just imagine myself trying to wrangle that beast into place solo. So be prepared to shell out a few extra Benjamins for a plumber if DIY isn’t your strong suit.

Another thing several owners mentioned is keeping those big expanses of this sink sparkling can be a chore. While the Turino wipes down easy each night, really getting into all the nooks and crannies to remove stubborn stains takes some elbow grease.

All in all, if you’ve got the budget to outsource the heavy lifting of installation and don’t mind dedicating a little extra love each week to the cleaning, these downsides shouldn’t be deal breakers for the Turino’s vintage farmhouse charm. Just go into it with realistic expectations so no surprises sneak up on you down the road.  


While the Kraus Turino farmhouse sink has received mostly positive reviews from long-term owners, there are a few reported issues that potential buyers may want to factor in. The good news is Kraus customer service seems responsive to problems.

Overall, this kitchen sink still appears to be a top choice for those seeking a vintage-inspired farmhouse sink, especially considering its reasonable price point. With a few minor design tweaks to address the issues outlined here, this farmhouse kitchen sink could achieve an even stronger reputation for longevity.

If durability is a primary concern, it may be worth spending a bit more for a fireclay sink. But for most homeowners, the Turino seems to deliver on its promise of style and performance for everyday use in the kitchen. Just be aware of the potential trouble spots and take proper care to maximize the lifespan of your investment.

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