6 Best APPASO Kitchen Faucets of 2024 – Highly Recommended

Familiarity is key, your home is more than just a place to live—it’s where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, when it comes to kitchen sink faucets, you want a reliable product that won’t let you down. That’s why we’ve found another reliable brand in the faucet market that has the ability to meet our expectations.

Yes, APPASO kitchen faucets are designed with high quality materials, elegant finishes, and modern designs. They can confidently compare an expensive brand’s models because APPASO manufactured them.

Today we picked the top 6 models from APPASO kitchen faucet; each model has a unique design, appearance, and feature set. While in this article, you’ll find the pros and cons of each faucet as well as specific features.

Let’s start our reviews!

A Quick Overview of APPASO Kitchen Faucets






Editor 1st Choice

APPASO Patented Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Single Handle

APPASO Patented Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Single Handle

  • Brand: APPASO

  • Material: Brass, ZInc, Plastic

  • Finish Type: Brushed Nickel

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Faucet Height: 17.7 Inches

  • Spout Reach: 7.3 Inches

  • Water Flow: 1.8 GPM

Editor 2nd Choice

APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Brand: APPASO

  • Material: Brass, ZInc, Plastic

  • Finish Type: Oil rubbed bronze

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Faucet Height: 15.9 Inches

  • Spout Reach: ‎8.6 Inches

  • Water Flow: 1.8 GPM

Eidtor 3rd Choice

APPASO Modern Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Modern Kitchen Faucet

  • Brand: APPASO

  • Material: Brass, ZInc, Plastic

  • Finish Type: Matte Black

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Spout Height: 8.8 Inches

  • Spout Reach: 8.2 Inches

  • Water Flow: 1.8 GPM

Best Touchless Model

APPASO Touchless Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Touchless Kitchen Faucet

  • Brand: APPASO

  • Material: Brass, ZInc, Plastic

  • Finish Type: Matte Black

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Spout Height: 8 inches

  • Spout Reach: ‎ 8.8 inches

  • Water Flow: 1.8 GPM

Best For Modern Kitchen

APPASO Modern Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Modern Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

  • Brand: APPASO

  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Finish Type: Brush Nickel

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Spout Height: 10.3 inches

  • Spout Reach: 8.9 inches

  • Water Flow: 2 GPM

APPASO 3 Hole Kitchen Faucet

APPASO 3 Hole Kitchen Faucet

  • Brand:  APPASO

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Finish Type:Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Spout Height: 7.4 inches

  • Spout Reach:‎ 9.2 inches

  • Water Flow: 1.8 GPM

1: APPASO Patented Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Single Handle

APPASO Patented Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Single Handle

What do you get when you combine a faucet, a sprayer, and a soap dispenser? You get the Patented Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Single Handle.

This unique industrial aesthetic looks elegant in any kitchen. It will make you feel like you belong there—that’s the beauty of this design. And the finish is high quality ceramic that can withstand over 500,000 cycles of use to ensure that it will last for over 10 years.

The price is very reasonable, but the features are impressive as well: an industrial-looking brushed nickel finish with PEX hose, a soap dispenser, and three settings for your spray!

It’s easy to install too: just four simple steps to install the tap and 20 minutes later, you’re done! That’s right—it’ll take only half an hour to finish installing your new kitchen faucet.

And don’t worry about having a plumber come out—this model has Quick-In installation so it requires no special tools or knowledge at all! All that’s left is screwing in your handle and turning on the water—and then enjoying your new kitchen faucet without worrying about leaks or breaks.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a kitchen faucet that’s going to last, look no further.

APPASO kticehn faucet has got a new line of kitchen that are designed to last—no matter how hard you use it. And best of all, they come with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

You can get one for as little as $73! If you want to check more affordable pieces then you may check our list of best kitchen faucet under $100 reviews!

All Appaso faucets are backed by 5 years limited warranty, 90 days return, and a money-back guarantee.

And if you don’t like it? No worries! The company will refund your money within 90 days of purchase.

More than 11,000 people purchased this kitchen faucet and most users are happy with its design, materials, and water pressure.


  • An eco-friendly kitchen faucet that is suitable for every kitchen
  • Elegant eye-catching design
  • The handle is very adjustable and easily and smoothly move
  • Design a modern look and good features, its price is less high


  • We didn’t think any serious downsides to this model

2: APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Ready to upgrade your kitchen faucet?

Do you want to be able to wash dishes, fill your kettle, and even make a cup of tea all at once? If so, we’ve found the perfect solution for you. The APPASO pull-down Kitchen Faucet is a high-quality design that’s sure to make your life easier. Not only this kitchen tap will allow you to do all of those things, but it’ll also look great in any kitchen!

This high arc kitchen tap is designed with an elegant oil-rubbed bronze finish that will give any kitchen a modern industrial feel. Classical and antique finishes exude a charming atmosphere that will take you back to the glorious Bronze Age and indulge in the excellent culture of bronze vessels. Others will admire your unique and noble products of yours—you can be sure they are going to make you proud!

Not only that, but it’s also incredibly easy to install—you just need to follow four simple steps and you’re done! And if you have any questions along the way, don’t worry the customer service team is standing by 24/7 so you can get help whenever you need it.

You can pull down the sprayer to wash dishes, fill the sink with water, or use it as a spigot. When you’re done with it, just pull it back up and snap it back into place.

The weighted ball makes sure that your sprayer stays docked when not in use, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off during use—and it doesn’t sag over time as some other models do!

What are you waiting for? Get your today!

One of the users thought about this model:

We are a family of five, and we recently moved into a new home. We had been looking for a new kitchen faucet for months, and finally decided to go with the Appaso pull down kitchen faucet.

The APPASO kitchen faucet was easy to install, and the instructions were clear. It was also easy to clean, which was important because our kitchen is very small and it’s not easy to keep it nice.

The faucet is great! The water pressure is good, and it works well with both hot and cold water. The sprayer has a lot of flexibility, so you can get a wide range of spray patterns.

We like that we can control the water flow directly from the spout. This is especially helpful when washing dishes or washing vegetables in the sink because it keeps things cleaner than if they get sprayed onto other surfaces like countertops or plates by accident.

Overall, we’re very happy with our purchase!


  • One of the beautiful finishes that is able to bring instant beauty to the kitchens
  • The faucet is available in more than 5 finishes and all look beautiful
  • The water pressure makes daily tasks with convenience
  • The body of the faucet is made of brass which increases the lifespan


  • Few users complaint different types of issues but Amazon solved their issues

3: APPASO Modern Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Modern Kitchen Faucet

You know that feeling when you have a new idea and everything comes together perfectly?

We felt it, too. And so we decided to search for something that would bring that feeling into your home every time you use it.

We picked a kitchen sink faucet that’s designed to make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the modern world. It’s made from brass, multiple materials, and a matte black finish, so it has a beautiful rustic look that will match any decor. The pull-down mechanism is easy to use and does not require any assembly—you just snap your sprayer stick into place and you’re ready to go!

This modern pull-down APPASO kitchen faucet has two spray modes: aerated stream and powerful pre-rinse spray. You can toggle between them at the flip of a switch, so you don’t have to worry about spilling water while you’re trying to get your dishes clean and put away.

It’s also easy to install: All you have to do is attach the pull-down hose and water line hose together and install the draw-tube (we have a proprietary technology that helps you do this quickly). Then just turn on your tap and enjoy!

One of the customers said about this model

We love our APPASO modern kitchen faucet!

It’s stylish and easy to install, and we’re really impressed with how well it works. We’ve had it for almost a year now, and the modern pull-down sprayer has never given us any issues. It’s also great for my daughter who is learning to cook. She loves making her own water, and this little faucet makes it easy for her to do so!

Our Verdict

This APPASO Kitchen Faucet is a gorgeous, high-quality faucet that looks great in any kitchen. It has a sleek and modern look, which makes it an excellent choice for contemporary kitchens. The faucet comes with a single sprayer, so it won’t be as versatile as other options on the market. However, we think this is a good tradeoff for the price and quality of the faucet.


  • The faucet is perfect for those who want to bring a new design in the kitchen
  • This APPASO kitchen faucet provides 2 GPM water flow rate which is better than expensive brands models
  • Appaso gives such an amazing warranty package with its kitchen faucets


  • APPASO should solve the leakage problem of this model since some users complaint leakage issues

4: APPASO Touchless Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Touchless Kitchen Faucet

The APPASO Touchless Kitchen Faucet is the best thing to happen to the kitchen in years!

It’s not just the motion sensing technology that makes this faucet so great—it’s everything. The pull-down technology is so easy to use, and the wand stays docked when not in use. It also has a powerful integrated magnet that snaps your faucet spray stick into place and secures it there, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

And if you’re looking for a unique design that will make your eyes shine? This one’s got you covered. We’re talking 100% original design and patented protection.

The Quick-In system requires only simple steps to install, without plumbers and specialized tools, and it takes only about few minutes to finish DIY installation—no matter what kind of hole you have in your wall!

Whether you’re cooking a meal, doing dishes, or just getting ready for bed, you’ll love having a touchless kitchen faucet that makes your life easier. You’ll never need to worry about turning on the water when you want to run a dish full of soap again—just pull down your faucet and press the spray button on the wand. The water will turn off automatically within 3 minutes if no hands are detected in the sensor area.


Definitely, you’ll love your this new APPASO Touchless Kitchen Faucet. It’s such a great addition to your kitchen, and the touchless technology is a major time-saver. We can now get tasks done while cooking or cleaning without having to worry about touching anything. You’ll also like that you can use it with your current faucet, so this is not just an additional purchase—it’s an upgrade!


  • A touchless kitchen faucet with less expensive
  • This APPASO spray head has a brush feature that helps to clean dishes without rubbing them with hands
  • Three modes of water flow rates make it more eco-friendly faucet


  • We didn’t like its water flow rate since it seem very slow

5: APPASO Modern Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Modern Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Modern Pull Down Kitchen Faucet comes in 5th place in the list of top 6 best APPASO kitchen Faucet reviews.

This modern pull down kitchen faucet with sprayer is the perfect upgrade to your sink. The Appaso’s team of designers worked hard to create a product that can be used for nearly every kitchen sink, and it’s super easy to install.

The 20-inch smooth retracting hose allows you to easily reach all areas of your sink, so you won’t have to move away from your cooking or cleaning tasks. The single handle design integrates with a modern hot & cold mixer, which can control water temperature and flow volume easily. We’ve also equipped this faucet with counterweight technology to make your kitchen cleaning more flexible!

Although the faucet has only 2 water modes that can be easily switched to add more fun instead of worry. While the stream mode can be used to fill pots or other containers quickly whereas the spray mode can be used for cleaning more easily.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen while still keeping it clean and organized, look no further than this modern pull down kitchen faucet with the sprayer!

User Experience

We found it easier than other sprayers we’ve used in the past because our hands didn’t get stuck underneath it as they did with some other models we’ve tried out before! This means less hassle when it use.  


The APPASO Modern Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is a great option for those looking to add a modern flair to their kitchen. It’s made of metal, but it’s also easy to install and has an elegant design that blends well with any kitchen decor.

The faucet itself is made of metal, which is a nice upgrade from plastic. It looks like it will hold up well in the long run, and it’s not something that you’ll have to worry about rusting over time.

The handles on the APPASO kitchen faucet are also metal and extend down from the sink, making them easy to grab onto when washing dishes or pouring water into a pot. They’re also curved slightly upwards so that they’re easier on your hands when using them; this makes them feel more comfortable than other styles of faucet handles we’ve used in the past.

The pull-down sprayer head has a small lever that allows you to control how much water comes out at once (you can adjust how fast it goes by pulling on this lever).


  • One of the most stylish and slim kitchen faucets
  • It can be installed in a small kitchen
  • Powerful water spray for washing and cleaning


  • Only 2 water modes

6: APPASO 3 Hole Kitchen Faucet

appaso 3 hole kitchen faucet

We know that you want a kitchen faucet that’s as easy to use as it is beautiful. And we’ve got you covered—the new APPASO 3 Hole Kitchen Faucet is the most innovative, multi-functional kitchen sink faucet we’ve ever seen.

First, the sprayer: it’s completely hand-free, so you can brush your vessels while you wash them. Then, when you’re done brushing your kitchen pots, just pull the sprayer out of its holder and use it to rinse dishes! It’s a simple but brilliant solution that makes all your life tasks easier.

But it doesn’t stop there! The APPASO kitchen faucet itself has three spray modes—one for aerating the water stream, one for pre-rinsing dishes before they go into the dishwasher (and one for rinsing off the dishes themselves after they come out), so no matter what you’re doing in your kitchen right now, this faucet can handle it with ease.

And if that wasn’t enough: the multi-functional kitchen sink faucet is patented. That means that when your friends come over for dinner, they’ll be able to admire your new faucet’s elegant industrial aesthetic while they’re still standing in their socks at the door because they’re too busy trying not to trip over the cords stretched between their shoes and the front door.

This APPASO bronze pull down kitchen faucet has an ABS nozzle, which ensures high-quality water flow and a beautiful evenly balanced water line. The gentle touch of your fingers on the faucet will remove scale and calcium deposits from your sink.


The kitchen faucet is the heart of your bathroom. You can’t expect to have a well-functioning kitchen without a good faucet. When you choose the APPASO 3 hole kitchen faucet, you can rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality product that is going to last for years to come.

The APPASO 3 hole kitchen faucet is made from ABS material and has an evenly balanced water line that ensures that your water will flow smoothly. Its gentle touch with fingers to remove scale and calcium gives you a smooth, less painful experience when using it every day. It also comes in several different colors so that you can customize your bathroom décor!


  • Affordable kitchen faucet with soap dispenser
  • The handle can be operated with a simple touch
  • The faucet makes your work easy due to cleaning features


  • The faucet needs 3 holes for installation and it is not an easy task to trig 3 holes


If you want a kitchen faucet that’s going to last for years, the APPASO Kitchen Faucet is an absolute must-have. They look great on your countertop and the touch-sensitive technology makes them super easy to use. The only thing we like very much is the price—they are bit more affordable than other options out there, but if you’re looking for something that will last for years, this is definitely worth the investment!

The APPASO Kitchen Faucets are a great example of how simple things can be made better. It’s made of solid brass, plastic, and zinc, with good finishes like matte black, oil rubbed bronze thick lines that give it a modern, sturdy feel. They are also got an appealing shape and a nice touch of carbon look at the base, which gives it a kind of futuristic vibe.

The APPASO Kitchen Faucet is great for any style kitchen—modern, classic, or whatever else you can think of. They look great in all kinds of settings because they’re not too flashy or too simple. They’re just right!


Q: Is APPASO a good Brand for kitchen faucets?

Appaso is a reputable faucet brand known for offering high-quality, stylish, and affordable kitchen and bathroom faucets. The brand is owned and operated by Guangdong Qunying Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd, a company based in Guangdong, China. Established in 1996, the company has since been dedicated to manufacturing premium plumbing products, including faucets, showerheads, and bathroom accessories.

The success of Appaso faucets can be attributed to the company’s commitment to producing top-notch products. They have heavily invested in research and development, ensuring that their faucets meet stringent quality standards and incorporate innovative features to enhance user experience.

As a testament to their credibility and market presence, Appaso faucets are now distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide. This widespread availability has allowed the brand to establish a global customer base, with key markets in the United States, Canada, Australia, and several European countries.

When considering whether Appaso is a good faucet brand, it’s essential to assess their history, reputation, and product offerings. Based on the information provided, Appaso’s long-standing presence in the industry and their focus on producing high-quality plumbing products suggest that they are a reputable and reliable brand.

Appaso faucets have gained a reputation as a preferred choice for homeowners seeking high-quality, stylish, and affordable plumbing products. The brand’s solid standing in the market is attributed to its commitment to producing durable and reliable faucets built to withstand the test of time. One notable aspect that sets Appaso faucets apart from their competitors is their keen attention to detail in their design and engineering.

In particular, Appaso’s pull-down kitchen faucets feature a magnetic docking system, allowing the spray head to effortlessly snap back into place when not in use. This feature enhances the overall functionality and convenience of the faucet, as it prevents any drooping or sagging of the spray head that could be encountered in lesser-quality products.

Furthermore, the brand employs ceramic disc valves in all their faucets. These valves are known for their exceptional durability and longevity compared to traditional rubber or metal valves. By utilizing ceramic disc valves, Appaso reduces the risk of leaks and drips, providing customers with a more reliable and low-maintenance faucet.

Appaso also prioritizes customer satisfaction, evident in their generous warranty and money-back guarantee policies. By offering such favorable warranty terms, the brand instills confidence in the quality and performance of their faucets, assuring customers that they stand behind their products.

The extensive range of styles and finishes available from Appaso allows customers to find faucets that align with their personal taste and seamlessly integrate with their home decor. Whether one prefers a modern, traditional, or transitional design, Appaso’s diverse selection caters to various aesthetic preferences.

In terms of construction, Appaso faucets are crafted using lead-free materials, ensuring the water flowing through them remains safe for drinking and everyday use. This eco-friendly approach to manufacturing appeals to environmentally conscious homeowners who seek sustainable and health-conscious products.

Positive customer reviews further validate the brand’s reputation for durability, reliability, and innovation. Satisfied customers often praise the faucets’ smooth operation, ease of use, and attractive designs, further endorsing Appaso’s commitment to delivering high-quality products.

Despite offering premium features and innovative designs, Appaso faucets remain competitively priced, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on quality.

In short, Appaso faucets have gained immense popularity among homeowners for their impressive combination of style, functionality, and budget-friendly prices.

With an unwavering commitment to precision and an exceptional choice of durable materials, Appaso faucets stand out as a dependable choice for individuals seeking to elevate their kitchen or bathroom with long-lasting fixtures that effortlessly withstand daily wear and tear.

 Customer satisfaction is at the heart of their philosophy, ensuring a reliable and satisfying experience for all those looking to upgrade their faucets.

Q: What is the difference between the APPASO kitchen faucet and other brands?

A: The APPASO kitchen faucet has a stainless steel construction, eliminating the risk of rusting or corrosion. It also has a new spray head design that makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Q: How does it work?

A: The APPASO kitchen faucet is easy to use. It has an ergonomic design that allows for easy access to all areas of your sink, including the countertop and backsplash area. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable flow control that allows you to set the water pressure for whatever task you’re performing (such as washing dishes).

Q: What is the best kitchen faucet to use in my home?

A: The best kitchen faucets are those that are easy to clean and durable. It is important to look for a faucet that has a strong handle, a spray head that can reach all corners of your sink, and anti-clog technology that will help you keep your sink clean.

Q: Is it OK to install a new kitchen faucet myself?

A: Yes! You can easily install a new kitchen faucet on your own by following these steps:

-Remove the old one from your sink

-Flip the new one over onto its side so that you have access to all parts of it (including the handles)

-Insert all parts into place (especially if they have been loosened or damaged)

-Turn on the water and test the function before putting back into place

Q: What type of water filter should I use with my new faucet?

A: You can use any filter that will fit into the space on your faucet. We recommend using an under-sink filter for most applications, but if you want to get really fancy (and we totally do), then you can also buy a countertop filter and mount it right on top of your sink!

Q: How often should I change my filter?

A: We recommend replacing your filters at least every six months. If you’re concerned about keeping track of this or just don’t want to deal with it, then we recommend contacting the company so they can help set up regular maintenance visits with the company’s technicians and make sure everything is running smoothly so that you never have to worry about it again!

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