Chrome Vs Brushed Nickel – A Brief Comparison Between Both Finishes

Chrome Vs Brushed Nickel:

Chrome Vs Brushed Nickel

Whether you want a finish for the kitchen or bathroom faucet, or just the kitchen, or the sink, or for the whole house, or want to mix and match a finish with your current color palette, however, the possibilities are endless. From the warm amber tones of copper to the cool blue tones of chrome, there’s something for every aesthetic.

But in this blog post, we’d like to talk about brushed nickel and chrome, which are two popular finishes in this endless list of options. While these finishes are not the most trendy choice, they are still a standard choice for many owners.

So, here is a question: what’s the difference between both? since they both look the same. Are they the same? So, the main reason for writing this post is to define the differences between chrome and brushed nickel.

If you want to buy chrome or brush nickel, then you must read this post before buying any model. So stick around to find out more.

A Quick Difference Between Chrome vs Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel is matte and has a yellowish-brown tint, while chrome is bright and has a bluish tint. Brushed nickel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This popular Finish is ideal for classic and transitional style homes that incorporate modern and vintage aspects. However, brush nickel is a popular finish for faucets because it has the right look for many types of designs and can keep your kitchen looking fresh and new with little work.

The chrome finish, combined with a small nickel to keep it stable, it can remain attached to the brass hardware. Once dry, it gives the faucets a luminous and decorative look unrivaled by any other finish on the market.

What is Chrome?

Chrome finishes offer a more innovative look that is extremely bright. In contrast to the matte tones of brushed nickel, chrome has a shiny, almost mirror-like finish. Despite the name, chrome finishes are not made from pure chrome, as the actual chrome is considered carcinogenic (carcinogenic) and therefore a health hazard.

So, to create the finish, manufacturers coated the base metal (often brass or steel) in a thin layer of chromium through an electroplating process. In order to give the classic chrome look, the surface is polished to develop the mirror effect.

However, some manufacturers may use chrome plating to create the finished product. It depends on the brand you buy.

Chrome is considered a high-end finish and while not the most popular finish today, it is still a preferred choice for many homeowners.

What Is Brushed Nickel?

Brushed nickel is a type of metal finish that has a textured, semi-satin finish. It’s a popular choice for hardware, faucets, and other kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Although the brushed nickel finish isn’t too shiny, but it doesn’t mean that it is matte either. either. Its brightness levels fall in between, as it catches the light but doesn’t act as a mirror.

It’s a popular choice for those looking for a more understated, subtly elegant finish. Brushed nickel is extremely versatile and pairs well with a variety of themes and aesthetics. It can be found in kitchens and bathrooms—and even outdoor spaces!

A Brief Difference Between Chrome Vs Brushed Nickel

Although brushed nickel and chrome finishes are similar, they’re now no longer identical aspects through any means. Well, other than the truth that the floor is probably made from an identical material. However, the seems of the completed end result range considerably, among other factors.

So, let’s take a glance at the two in a few categories.

Surface Shine

If a bright, smooth end is what you’re searching for, chrome is truly the manner to go. Chrome capabilities a miles shinier floor than brushed nickel, which may nearly appear dull as compared to chrome.

However, when you consider that now no longer anybody needs an ultra-shiny faucet, brushed nickel is a high-quality choice for greater muted tones. The shine is still there, however, it’s now no longer as “on your face” as chrome is.


The second thing that we want to consider on it the undertone of both finishes. The chrome finish has tended to have a cold, blue tint this finish may best choice in the summer season, whereas the brushed nickel finish has a warmer undertone. The Chrome finish may pair excellently with cool colors but may clash with warm colors.

On the other hand, the brushed nickel finish is felt with warmer color palettes. Some people thoughts that brushed nickel can pair well with cool colors as well. So, if you’re unsure of which direction you want to take your color scheme, then our recommendation is that brushed nickel is a great choice.


There is a clear winner in this category. Chrome is usually the tricky finish that requires a lot of maintenance to keep the surface reflective. Although you may need to perform regular maintenance, cleaning chrome accessories is extremely easy.

On the other hand, brushed nickel is a simple and easy finish. The textured surface hides smudges and fingerprints through its beauty, so you don’t have to constantly clean the faucet body. Although you’ll still need to clean the brushed nickel faucet body on the regular basis, not as often as chrome finish.


When it comes to the durability of both finishes, Chrome and brushed nickel come on the top spot in terms of durability. Although there is a minor difference in this term since the brushed nickel finish tends to be more durable than the chrome finish, it is prone to tarnishing. Chrome tends to tarnish quicker than a brushed nickel but can vary.

Some brands use cheap and inferior materials that cause faster deterioration of one of the two surfaces. On the other hand, other brands use expensive, high-quality materials that last much longer. It’s really about the brand and its overall focus on quality.

The quality of the products is usually reflected in the price you pay. As with most products, you only get what you pay for them.


Brushed nickel and chrome have a little bit different in price. After reviewing lots of faucet, my experience is brush nickel faucets are more expensive than chrome but their finish remain long last compare to chrome.

On the other hands, chrome faucets look attractive due to their shiny finish and they are inexpensive compare to its competitor brush nickel. You may check our top rated chrome kitchen faucets.

Which one should you pick?

Both finishes have their own pros and cons, also have demand in the market. So, it’s all about your likeness, which one do you like or which finish attract you more. I you want our recommendation, then our opinion is both are good but if you want lon lasting finish and can’t care too much your faucet then brush nickel is best choice for you.

If you have low budget and you want a shiny piece for your home then chrome may be ideal choice for you.

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