Best Longlasting Brass Kitchen Faucets for May 2024

Why we are talking about Brass Kitchen Faucets?

Because a kitchen faucet is the most important tool in every home, the kitchen is incomplete without a faucet.

But the problem is so many people face some issues after using the kitchen tap for a few months like leakage issues, body broken, fitting, etc.

The water always remains in the faucet and this malts the body of the tap even though it can malt everything.

This is very important to you regarding which material of faucet you’re going to purchase.

There is the best kitchen faucet material that can stand your kitchen faucet for a long time period.

Brass material is one of the best materials that safe the faucet from all bad factors of the water so that increase the lifespan of your kitchen faucet.

Although you’ll get various designs and finishes in brass material kitchen faucets that can be a perfect match but it’s very hard to find an accurate model for your kitchen.

For the sake of our people facilities, we picked the top 6 best brass kitchen faucets which are popular in the 2024 market.

Also, At the end of this article, we will tell you how to keep maintain your brass kitchen faucet since we discussed with experts and get some informative points.

Let’s should start taking a review of each model without further delay.

A Quick Overview of Brass Kitchen faucets






Editor Choice

KRAUS Allyn Industrial Kitchen Faucet KPF-4102MB

KRAUS Allyn Industrial Kitchen Faucet KPF-4102MB

  • Brand: Kraus

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Matte Black

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Spout Height: 8.5 Inches

  • Spout Reach: 8.5 Inches

Editor's 2nd Choice

Grohe Minta Kitchen Faucet 30300000

Grohe Minta Kitchen Faucet 30300000

  • Brand: Grohe

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Chrome

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Spout Height: 11.63 Inches

  • Spout Reach: 8.81 Inches

Best For Home Owners

Elkay Avado Kitchen Faucet

Elkay Avado Kitchen Faucet

  • Brand: Elkay

  • Material:  Brass

  • Finish Type: Black & Chrome

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Spout Height: 20-1/16"

  • Spout Reach: 8-1/2"

Elegant Design

VIGO Greenwich Matte Gold Kitchen Faucet

VIGO Greenwich Matte Gold Kitchen Faucet

  • Brand: Vigo

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Matte Glod

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Spout Height: 8.25 Inches

  • Spout Reach: 9.25 Inches

Best for overall

Elkay LKAV1031CR Avado Kitchen Faucet

Elkay LKAV1031CR Avado Kitchen Faucet

  • Brand: Elkay

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Chrome

  • Handle Type: Side Joystick

  • Spout Height: 18.88 Inches

  • Spout Reach: 7.88 Inches


1: KRAUS Allyn Industrial Brass Kitchen Faucet KPF-4102MB

KRAUS Allyn Industrial Kitchen Faucet KPF-4102MB

Why we have placed this model on #1? Because we compare these 6 models to each other the KRAUS Allyn Industrial Kitchen Faucet KPF-4102MB won 1st due to its design, performance, finished, and price.

Industrial design faucets to fix perfectly on any kitchen and create a focal point at the sink area.

Yeah, if you need a beautiful solid brass kitchen faucet to upgrade the kitchen this design will be the best choice since it is able to look like a modern, stylish, and decent type of faucet.

Features a premium ceramic cartridge to prevent the tap from leakage which means this model will not disappoint with leakage issues.

The pull-down sprayhead is equipped with reach technology that offers maximum maneuverability.

The faucet height is 16 ¾ inches and its spout can rotate 360 degrees so that you can flex, pivot, and reach around the sink.

Water-saving aerator helps to reduce maximum water waste without compromising with water pressure by providing an efficient 1.8 GMP flow rate.  This means you can use the model for heavy-duty cleaning with minimum water usage. Also, it may be a perfect kitchen faucet for low water pressure.

The KRAUS Allyn brass kitchen Faucet KPF-4102MB can be installed with most kitchen sinks available in the market. Since it is a single-hole installation faucet this is very you can install it without hiring a plumber. This means you can save the fee of a plumber.

Another amazing feature of this model is it comes with an installation-ready kit that includes durable pre-attached water lines, a snap-on counterweight, and a quick connect sprayer hose. If you’re looking for the best black kitchen faucet, so we picked top-rated models please visit our page black kitchen faucet reviews!

We have taken a deep overview of this model, if you’re intersting in this piece then you may check here.

Our Opinion

Our opinion of this Kraus brass kitchen sink faucet is this looks very beautiful at a glance, a little bit of beautiful carving on the spout is increasing its more beauty.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty that builds customers’ trust in the brand.

Most customers are happy with its performance, and design.

The price of this model is surprising for everyone since it comes at a reasonable price.


  • A semi-pro spout with a unique carve that create an eye-catching design
  • Easy clean nozzles that need a wipe to clean and stable the water flow
  • 8 water flow rate
  • Long-lasting finish
  • Heavy duty construction body


  • Missed the touch feature

2: Grohe Minta Brass Kitchen Faucet 30300000

Grohe Minta Kitchen Faucet 30300000

If you are looking for elegance with the best solid brass kitchen faucet, this Polished kitchen faucet with Dual Spray Functions is here for you. The model has a beautiful “L Shape design” with a polished finish and high-quality material makeup.

The most amazing feature of the faucet is Grohe StarLight finish technology that ensures you a long-last shine on the faucet. Also, it is equipped with built-in resistance to scratches, tarnishing, and buildup from daily kitchen tasks.

Although You’ll not have to spend more time cleaning the sink faucet due to Grohe startlight finish. But also you’ll not need to give more time to clean the faucet nozzles to keep good performance water flow. The faucet is another feature of Grohe SpeedClean nozzles that lets you wipe away limescale buildup with your fingertip.

The dual spray functions with a convenient toggle button on the spray head to change the water flow from a regular stream for washing dishes. Also, fill pots with a gentler spray for rinsing vegetables or cleaning the sink.

This chrome kitchen faucet has a single lever handle feature that is very smooth, and precise movement to easily adjust the water flow and temperature with your one hand.

With A high spout design and a versatile 360° swivel ability, it provides water access on all sides of the sink tasks, especially when multiple cooks are in the kitchen. Check out more best Grohe kitchen faucets with detailed reviews and buying guides!

Final Words

The final words about this Grohe brass kitchen faucet are it has L shape spout that is a very different look from other models.

If someone wants a new look then it might be a good choice for him.

Built with high-quality material that gives you its limited lifetime warranty.

1.8 GPM water flow rate that is perfect for cleaning tasks.


  • Unique and beautiful design, It can bring a beautiful view to the kitchen
  • Long-lasting finish technology that keeps safe the faucet finish so that it always looks new
  • Easy to install it
  • It will safe from scratches and tarnishing


  • It doesn’t have any serious downside

3: Elkay Avado Brass Kitchen Faucet

Our 3rd selection is the Elkay Avado Kitchen Faucet which can fulfill the expectations of the lovers of commercial-style tools, this model is perfect for them. The faucet has a semi-pro spout which is a commercial design, and a heavy-duty ‎20″ coil spring makes it functional and flexible.

It is not only flexible but also made of a solid brass material that has perfect optimization for commercial use and even our home usage.

When the high arc kitchen faucet has the ability to swivel with 360 degrees then you can get all types of access with your model. To bring more conveniences to your daily kitchen work the faucet can swivel at least 360 degrees.

The sprayhead helps you with its two water delivery functions, for heavy-duty cleaning it recommends powerful spray and a steady stream for everyday use.

For the sake of reliability, durability, and performance, it is fitted with a ceramic disc cartridge, you never have any leakage issues till the end of this model.

Its single can be operated with 90 degrees rotation which is perfect for adjusting water temperature and water flow.

Final Words

In final words regarding this model are the Elkay Avado brass Kitchen Faucet is one of the best models in the market that comes at a reasonable price.

There are other finishes available in this design, you can choose another finish if you don’t like this finish.

Most customers are satisfied with its performance, design, and material. If you’re looking for a kitchen faucet then you can select this.


  • It can be used for commercial and home kitchen
  • Made of premium quality material
  • It can work for long-lasting
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • It got most users to love


  • The water temperature indicators are not available

4: VIGO Greenwich Matte Gold Kitchen Faucet

VIGO Greenwich Matte Gold Kitchen Faucet

If you are a fan of simple and decent designs, the VIGO Greenwich Matte Gold Kitchen Faucet is for you. Simple design but matte gold finish color bring it into the modern line.

However, if you love to see the gold kitchen faucet in your kitchen this will be the right choice for you since the best gold kitchen faucets come at a high price but this model comes at an affordable price.

This model is engineered to handle your daily kitchen tasks, having a high spout to create a big space to give you convince while washing, cleaning, and filling.

A perfect balance between utility and style, to tackle difficult kitchen tasks the pull-down sprayer has a dual-functionality.

The spray head delivers an aerated and powerful water spray to conserve water without sacrificing flow performance.

The soap dispenser comes with this faucet, which can fill the sink faucet soap dispenser with up to 10 oz of liquid.

Having a nozzle with suction that gives it an airtight seal which makes it easy for you to refill the dispenser with liquid soap, detergent, hands lotion, or hand sanitizer from above the counter.

The 360-swivel spout tap with features a 1.8 GPM water flow that can automatically retracts and docks when it is not in your use.


Our final words for this VIGO brass kitchen faucet are it gives you an amazing option to renovate your kitchen with the best professional-grade industrial brass gold kitchen faucet.

Another best option is in the price you can buy the best gold kitchen faucet at an affordable price.

You will not get only a faucet, but also get a soap dispenser that will help you to wash your hands and pots.

Made by premium quality and finish that will last for a long time period.


  • One of the best gold kitchen sink faucets that made by solid brass material
  • Affordable price that doesn’t affect on your pocket
  • The best for you to renovate your kitchen with a matte gold finish
  • The soap dispenser comes with the faucet


  • Some customers have bad experiences regarding to this faucet

5: Elkay LKAV1031CR Avado Kitchen Faucet

Elkay LKAV1031CR Avado Kitchen Faucet

Another fabulous design that comes from Elkay LKAV1031CR Avado Kitchen Faucet, this model is ready to become the beauty of your kitchen.

It is designed with 19 inches height, however, the spout height is 18.88 inches and the spout reaches 7.88 inches.

If you’re interested in a high spout kitchen faucet, then you’ll try this model and bring the new additional look to your kitchen.

Having features of pull-out and pull-down sprayhead, use both functions to make easy your kitchen works.

It comes with a single handle which is fitted with the faucet separately and looks attractive.

An elegant finish for a long last so that your tap doesn’t go fade after using it for some months.

The brass kitchen sink faucet has been constructed with a high and durable quality product to get your trust that you have invested your money in the right product.

Although its design is not like a modern but its simplest makes it an all-rounder player so that it can be suitable for every sink.


Our opinion of this Elkay brass kitchen faucet is this is the right choice for those people who need a high arc faucet.

A high-quality material body stands the faucet for doing all the hard work this is why it can be said that this is perfect for home and hotel kitchens.

The sprayhead has a stream and spray functions for doing different tasks


  • Another additional beauty of kitchens
  • High spout faucet and 360-degree swivel feature
  • One of the most flexible model
  • Easy to install with one hole


  • The price is a little bit high

6: Gerber DH450188BS Foodie Kitchen Faucet

Gerber DH450188BS Foodie Kitchen Faucet

The Gerber DH450188BS Foodie Kitchen Faucet has a sixth place in our top 6 best brass kitchen faucet reviews list.

This model is the best solution for a commercial kitchen to fulfill the expectations of a modern and stylish kitchen tap.

A fantastic high arc spout gives you a big size room to easily fill large pots. Also, it is able to change your desire in reality since the high arc allows you to drop the water where you want and as you want.

You can get more flexibility by swiveling the faucet in the direction of 360 degrees. Maybe this type of flexibility and facility you can’t get in any other faucet.

The 20.56 inches height faucet and its high spring spout is the ideal for the most modern kitchens.

This pull down sink faucet features dual sprays for adjusting different tasks in the kitchen. However, the sprayhead nozzles deliver a beautiful and powerful water spray that looks much more pretty.

Engineered with a ceramic disc valve that ensures drip-free performance, and keeps tight the faucet value so that you’ll not have a leakage problem.

This model delivers the water flow at 1.75 gallons per minute which is enough for fast working tasks.

Final Thoughts

The final words about this brass kitchen faucet are it adds instant beauty to your kitchen with a clean, minimalist design. This faucet will bring an attention-grabbing and sophisticated style component to your kitchen.

This sink faucet is available in multiple finishes including chrome, stainless steel, and chrome with red hose. However, like satin black, all colors have a beautiful look.

The small and smart single handle works very fast and adjusts the water temperature.

One of the best things about this model is the customer service is very good


  • An attention-grabbing style that adds instant beauty to any kitchen
  • A high arc faucet
  • The spout can be swiveled with 360 degrees range
  • The satin black finish looks more beauty


  • The touch-less feature may increase its beauty and smartness

How to choose the best Brass Kitchen Faucet?

Choosing a modern and stylish design faucet may not be hard for you but finding the right model that is made of premium quality materials may not be easy for you.

There are thousands of kitchen faucets available in the market that are made of different materials.

We don’t know which model will be good for us and which material is the best for long-lasting performance.

While picking the best pull down brass kitchen sink faucets, we have asked some questions from experienced people about how to choose the best kitchen faucet that is made of solid material.

We have noted some important points that can reach you at the right model.

Faucet’s body material

There are various types of models available in the market, all models are not made of the same material since some of them are made of different materials.

If you want to buy a long-time runner faucet then you’ll have to buy it which is constructed with a solid material.

Brass is one of the most solid materials that guarantee you to stand your kitchen faucet for a long time period.

So keep in mind if you need a long-lasting model then you should buy a brass construction kitchen faucet.

Water is also one of the most dangerous acids, although it doesn’t melt so quickly as real acid but it takes time. So the brass material doesn’t melt so quickly in water and the faucet always remains dipped in the water.


The second factor is finish, how the kitchen looks like by its good finish, there are several types of finishes available in the market. Therefore, choosing the right finish is also most important for you.

Some best finishes are stainless steel, brush gold, and brush nickel.

Choose any finish but remember your finish should have a spot resistance feature and a coating.

These both features Will keep standing your kitchen faucet for a long time with new shining.

Select the best finish that has benefits with beauty.

Spout Size

Among the finish and material, the spout size is also an important factor in your faucet that gives you flexibility in your kitchen tasks.

The short tall spout faucet may not give convince and flexibility that you get in a tall spout. The tall spout gives you a large room in the sink and access to move the water on all sides of the sink.

While this access may not give you a short tall spout faucet. Our opinion is you should buy a medium-sized spout that is around 15 to 18 inches.

Also, don’t should buy a high tall spout since it may not be perfect for your sink, therefore, a home’s kitchen tasks are different from commercial kitchen tasks. That’s why it is better to choose the right spout high according to your kitchen size.


There are many types of sprayhead that each kitchen faucet comes with. However, some things are very important in a sprayhead, water flow rate, water flow rate options, hose size, and automatic return.

Each one of these features plays a main role in making your daily kitchen tasks more manageable.

Installation & Use Methods

The best brass kitchen faucet should be easy to install and use. The installation method shouldn’t be hard that needs a plumber since there is no new logic to installing a kitchen faucet.

So, when you buy a brass kitchen faucet, the installation method should be easy, the company gives some kits to make the installation process easy. Your faucet should have that kit so that you don’t need a plumber while installing your kitchen faucet.

We hope this buying guide will help you to buy the best brass kitchen faucet.

Benefits of Using a Brass Kitchen Faucet

Maybe you’re thinking that there’re a lot of kitchen faucets that are made of different materials but why should we use a brass kitchen faucet?

What are the benefits of using this material faucet? You’re thinking right there are more options to buy other material faucets but we have noted some benefits that may not be got in other materials.

There are the following benefits that’ll may compel you to install a brass kitchen faucet in your kitchen.

Long-Lasting Performance

Brass material is one of the most solid materials, that is not spoiled in water. It prevents the faucet from hard water which is dangerous for Iron which is why the iron faucets are not able to stand on the sink for a long time.

The brass kitchen faucets are more solid than other materials and they are able to work in your kitchen for years. This is why we said at the beginning of this article, that if you want to buy long last kitchen faucet then you have to buy a brass material tap.

Resistant to Corrosion

The brass material is more corrosion-resistant than other materials that are used in making kitchen taps. This is why these taps keep more clean compare to other materials. And they don’t need to clearance frequently, which means you’ll not have to clean the faucet again and again.

Our Verdict

Although the brass kitchen faucet is more solid than others, it is not enough to select the right model for our use.

There’re more features that should keep in mind while buying a kitchen faucet.

However, we have created a list that’ll give you the freedom to select a brass kitchen faucet quickly and easily.

But our opinion is you should buy the faucet in our top 3 models. One of the best things about them is they are affordable in the price you don’t have to pay a high cost. Each of them has a beautiful design and they may add instant beauty to your kitchen.

Each of them is able to clean heavy-duty tasks this is why they all are best for traditional and commercial kitchens.

Now it’s up to you which model would you like to buy.


Which material is the best for kitchen faucets?

The best material for kitchen faucets is Brass material which makes the taps strong and long-lasting performance.

Q: How do I clean my brass kitchen faucet?

A: A brass kitchen faucet is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. They can last for decades, but they do need some care and maintenance.

To keep your brass kitchen faucet looking its best, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the faucet with a clean cloth or sponge. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or pads!
  2. Add a mild detergent (like dish soap) and hot water, then scrub with a nylon brush. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth or paper towel before applying any polish products.
  3. Polish with a brass polish (available in most hardware stores) that is specifically designed for brass—not one made for copper or stainless steel! Do not use aluminum polish on brass fixtures because it will turn black over time due to oxidation from moisture in the air—and it will make your fridge look like it’s been hit by lightning.

Q: How long will my brass kitchen faucet last?

A: The lifespan of a brass kitchen faucet depends on a number of factors, including how often it’s used and whether or not it’s exposed to harsh chemicals or water.

Brass is generally considered to be an excellent material for kitchen faucets because it’s lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. It also resists corrosion better than other metals and has a low likelihood of discoloring when exposed to harsh chemicals or high temperatures.

However, brass kitchen faucet is more susceptible to tarnishing over time if you don’t care for your faucet properly—especially if you leave foods like butter or eggs sitting on top of it for long periods of time. If you’re going to be using the same pan for several days in a row, make sure that you keep the surface clean by wiping it down with an alcohol-based cleaner before each use.

Q: What is the difference between the [brass kitchen faucet] and the [plastic kitchen faucet]?

A: The [brass kitchen faucet] is made of brass, while the [plastic kitchen faucet] is made of plastic. The brass faucet is heavier and sturdier than its plastic counterpart. If you need something that will last for a long time and be durable, then you should get a brass one.

Q: How does the brass kitchen faucet compare with other types of water flow in terms of quality?

A: The brass kitchen faucet has a better flow rate than other types of water flow because it has more holes in it than other types of water flow do. This means that there is also less friction between the water and your pipes which makes it easier for water to move through them without losing too much pressure or causing damage to any pipes along your path back home from work today!

Q: Why is this brass kitchen faucet so popular?

A: First of all, it’s brass, which means it’s beautiful and will last forever. And second, it has a pull-out spray that can be used for washing dishes or cleaning up messes. Third, it has a swivel spout so that you can easily adjust the water flow from one direction to another.

Q: What’s the difference between a brass kitchen faucet and an aluminum kitchen faucet?

It’s a good question. And the answer is, it depends.

Aluminum can be less expensive, but it’s also more prone to developing cracks and leaks. Brass is more durable, but brass can’t be plated with nickel or chrome, which can make it look more polished than its stainless steel competitors. A brass faucet comes in different finishes: polished, satin nickel, brushed nickel, and even copper (which is more expensive than the other finishes).

If cost is your primary concern, then you’re better off with a stainless steel faucet. If you want something that looks nice and feels smooth on your skin (but still lasts forever), choose brass over stainless steel!

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