Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews & Buying Guide For 2024

hansgrohe kitchen faucet reviews

The kitchen faucet is replaced for two reasons, Either your faucet is broken so you want to replace it with a new one, Or you may want to change the faucet due to a new change in your kitchen. However, faucet replacement can be for any reason.

Now it comes down to which brand of faucet we should buy. Because there are thousands of taps available in the market Which are being made by different brands.

Now the big issue is which brand we should invest in, If we are investing in a brand, which model of that brand should we invest in?

This is becoming a serious problem for people who later get into trouble, we have seen that many people get upset after buying taps and expressing their anxiety.

What they buy from their taps while hoping, in the end, they don’t live up to their expectations.

With this problem in mind, we have reviewed a well-known brand in the market, that is Hansgrohe.

This brand is offering a unique and innovative faucet in the market with its superior technology and premium quality material.

The bad thing for us is that there are so many models available in the market from this brand. We don’t know which one the model should pick for our usage that is perfect and suitable for our kitchen.

However, we are presenting to you our latest reviews to end this problem.

We have reviewed at least 20 Hansgrohe models and picked only the top 7 models after knowing their features and specifications.

This is not easy for us to pick these 7 models but to make it easy we spent almost 3 days in research.

Now, the top 7 best Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are in front of you, you just read this article so that you can buy the best model for the kitchen.

Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucets Comparison Chart






Editor Choice

Hansgrohe Joleena Kitchen Faucet 04792800

Hansgrohe Joleena Kitchen Faucet 04792800

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM

  • Warranty: Life time limited


Editor 2nd Choice

Hansgrohe  Focus High Arc Kitchen Faucet 04505000

Hansgrohe  Focus High Arc Kitchen Faucet 04505000

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Polished

  • Handle Type:Lever

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM

  • Warranty: Life time limited


Best for Modern Kitchen

Hansgrohe Talis S² Kitchen Faucet 14877801

Hansgrohe Talis S² Kitchen Faucet 14877801

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type:Chrome

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM

  • Warranty: Life time limited


Best Every Kitchen Sink

Hansgrohe Allegro E Premium Kitchen Faucet 04076860

Hansgrohe Allegro E Premium Kitchen Faucet 04076860

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Steel Optik

  • Handle Type: Lever

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM

  • Warranty: Life time limited


Best for Overall

Hansgrohe Talis N U-Style Kitchen Faucet 72806801  

Hansgrohe Talis N U-Style Kitchen Faucet 72806801

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Finish Type: Polished

  • Handle Type:Lever

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM

  • Warranty: Life time limited


1: Hansgrohe Joleena Kitchen Faucet 04792800

Hansgrohe Joleena Kitchen Faucet 04792800

The Hansgrohe Joleena Kitchen Faucet 04792800 is our favorite model in the list of the top 7 best Hansgrohe kitchen faucet reviews.

We place it at the top of the list due to its amazing performance and unlimited features.

The first thing that is very attractive in all about the faucet is its massive height which is almost 19.3 inches which makes incredible convince for cleaning tasks.

To extend the hose range it is equipped with 18 inches long hose, even the spout swivels at 360°, now you’ll have all the access around the sink area. This means you can wash the dishes, pitchers, and all small or large pots without any issues.

The sink faucet body is made of solid brass, this construction ensures the faucet will work for the long term. That’s why the manufacturers give a limited lifetime warranty to this model.

Also, with the long-term working the finish is also for a long time period since the faucet is covered by a PVD finish that keeps shiny all the time. That means this kitchen faucet will have a new look every day in your kitchen.

The sprayhead features aerated and needle sprays its up to you to choose any one option according to your kitchen task. Another feature is the pause which is also attractive since it will stop at the touch of a button.

Final Words

To be concluded, the Hansgrohe Joleena Kitchen Faucet 04792800 is like an all-rounder player that can be fixed in any kitchen whether it is a home kitchen or a restaurant kitchen.

Solid brass construction kitchen faucet means doesn’t matter this faucet will have to work in water all day and every day.

Very easy to fix it on the sink since you just need 1 hole to install the faucet on the sink.


  • Commercial-style kitchen faucet
  • All-rounder faucet that will be perfect with most kitchen
  • Amazing performance with incredible flexibility
  • Construction for a long-term period with a long-lasting finish
  • The sprayhead has two modes for daily kitchen tasks


  • At this price tag, it should have a touchless sensor for a touchless feature
  • The water flow rate is not Appreciated

2: Hansgrohe  Focus High Arc Kitchen Faucet 04505000

Hansgrohe Focus High Arc Kitchen Faucet 04505000

The Hansgrohe  Focus High Arc Kitchen Faucet 04505000 is our 2nd choice in the list of top 7 best Hansgrohe kitchen sink faucet reviews.

This is an amazing design for the people who like German-style kitchen since it is designed German-style to provide optical performance to fulfill your all need that you expect with a good quality faucet.

The kitchen tasks are not easy every day since every day you have new tasks to do them.

But if you have a good helper then your hard tasks are easy, this model is a good helper to make your daily tasks easier.

The Hansgrohe High Arc Kitchen Faucet comes with different size arcs, this is a high arc faucet to make your work easy by its high arc.

The spout can swivel 150 degrees range, although this is not 360 degrees but it still gives entire access to reach all around the sink for ultimate convenience.

Having a feature magnetic sprayhead docking the magfit holds the sprayhead firmly and securely in place on the spout so that it can safe from dropping all the time.

The silicone nozzle and polymer sprayhead help you to reduce heat conduction from hot water so that you can safe from burning to hot water. The sprayhead is very easy to clean, as well as resistant to mineral deposit accumulation, and corrosion to optimize spray performance and extend the faucet life.

This model delivers the water with a 1.75 GPM water flow which is not bad because this also provides a power stream and spray.

The installation process is also easy that may take a few minutes because this faucet needs only one hole to fix on the sink.


  • German design faucets look very pretty in the kitchen
  • High arc design that gives unlimited convince for daily tasks
  • 2 spray modes
  • Silicone nozzle that keeps fresh the faucet from building up minerals
  • Long-lasting design


  • It should have a touch feature
  • The water flow rate should increase
  • The baseplate is sold by separatel

3: Hansgrohe Talis S² Kitchen Faucet 14877801

Hansgrohe Talis S² Kitchen Faucet 14877801

Hansgrohe represents another high arc kitchen sink faucet that comes in 3rd place on our list of top 8 best Hansgrohe kitchen faucet reviews.

The Hansgrohe Talis S² Kitchen Faucet 14877801 is made of a sturdy material since the solid brass body including a ceramic cartridge extends the faucet lifespan and closes the door to leakage possibility.

This kitchen faucet will provide long-term service in your kitchen and make everyday tasks easy and quick.

Since the Talis S2 spray head delivers two modes of water – aerated and needle sprays – both are perfect for different tasks including washing fruits, vegetables, dishes, and filling the pots.

Like 1st and 2nd models, this model also has a feature to provide water with a 1.75 GPM flow rate.

The overall height of this Hansgrohe chrome kitchen faucet is 16.1 inches which creates a large room in the sink area. Also, it is equipped with a 12” hose pipe that gives you access to reach all around the sink. It’ll be good for cleaning the sink since there is a chance of getting moss.

The silicone spray nozzles deter anti-limescale and allow you to be easily wiped the mineral deposit to keep optimizing spray performance.

Final Words

The conclusion about this pull-down sink faucet is that this is a superior design for every home kitchen, this may an additional beauty of the kitchen.

There are 2 modes of water flow with 1.75 GPM that are perfect for cleaning and filling tasks.

Having a sturdy body that is made of solid brass ensures you the faucet can last for years.

If you’re looking for a kitchen faucet this may be a great choice for you.


  • Sturdy body for long last performance
  • A high arc kitchen faucet always gives a good flexibility
  • The water flows look much pretty
  • It can deliver water all around the sink


  • Very expensive model
  • At this price, it should have a voice-control feature

4: Hansgrohe Allegro E Premium Kitchen Faucet 04076860

Hansgrohe Allegro E Premium Kitchen Faucet 04076860

The Hansgrohe Allegro E Premium Kitchen Faucet 04076860 is another German style and quality model on this list.

The distinctive design exudes both aesthetic and functional beauty in your kitchen which is the most important room in your house.

Due to its middle size, it is suitable for most kitchen sinks.

The overall body size of this pull out kitchen faucet is 13.75 inches when its lever handle is fully extended up.

The Allegro series comes with different models including Allegro E semipro, Allegro E gourmet, Allegro E semi arc, and Allegro E bar faucet, all these models have different sizes of Arcs.

Having a single handle that makes the faucet easy to operate without learning about any additional knowledge. Easy to adjust the water flow with a single handle and quick access to open or close it.

The steel Optik finish with solid brass construction gives freedom to the faucet to work and is shiny for a long last.

Like other Hansgrohe models, the Hansgrohe Allegro E Premium Kitchen Faucet 04076860 delivers water with 1.75 GPM.

Its retractable sprayhead remains safe and secure from dropping, and it provides two types of water flows that are dedicated to daily tasks in the kitchen.

Our Verdict

The final words about this model are although this is an old-style faucet but it is equipped with new features that are very helpful for you during the washing time.

A flexible spray head gives convince to reach out to all sides of the sink with two spray head flows full spray and needle spray.


  • Made by solid material
  • It creates a new look in the kitchen
  • Single handle easy-adjust water flow
  • Flexible sprayhead with 2 water flows


  • Old style model
  • Expensive for some people

5: Hansgrohe Talis N U-Style Kitchen Faucet 72806801

Hansgrohe Talis N U-Style Kitchen Faucet 72806801

Another model comes from Hansgrohe to change the look of your kitchen and increase the beauty of the sink area.

The Hansgrohe Talis N U-Style Kitchen Faucet 72806801 is a great choice for the person who wants to update his faucet with a new and stylish design.

Its minimalist design and sleek body bring a unique and eye-catching element to your kitchen sink.

The U-shape spout makes the faucet different from other models since it is a very different shape.

It looks very pretty when you swivel its spout to fill the bottles, the spout range with a 150-degree swivel gives excellent flexibility to do your work.

Smooth and durable handle made by solid brass which never loose and leaks. This model features a durable finish that always keeps shiny and never fades.

Its handle has 2 color lines – red and blue – that are indicators for hot and cold water.

The Hansgrohe Talis N U-Style Kitchen Faucet 72806801 is very easy to clean you just wipe the sprayhead. The faucet is equipped silicone aerator that needs a wipe to clean and optimize the water flow.

Our final opinion about this model is this is a great option to update your kitchen, a high arc with a u-shape gives new look to the sink area.

The minimalist design and sleek body make the faucet very different from other Hansgrohe models.


  • U-shape spout
  • This is the best option to upgrade the kitchen faucet with a new look
  • Easy to use and clean the faucet
  • The handle has water temperature indicators


  • It should have a touch feature

6: Hansgrohe Metris Select Premium Kitchen Faucet 73820001

Hansgrohe Metris Select Premium Kitchen Faucet 73820001

The Hansgrohe Metris Select Premium Kitchen Faucet 73820001 comes with a distinctive, angular design featuring a unique shape.

The most attractive things in this model are its sprayhead and handle that look very elegant, these are made with eye-catchy designs.

This model also comes with different sizes of spout to perfect match with your kitchen sink.

The spout of this stylish faucet swivels in different directions if you swivel it on the right side then it will swivel at 150° and from the left side, it will swivel at 110°.

On top of the sprayhead a select button to pause and unpause the water flow and on the front of the sprayhead a flow select button. You can select any flow stream or shower spray for dropping water.

Another amazing feature of this model is the PVD finish process that keeps safe your faucet finish for years.

Also, the company gives a limited lifetime warranty with this tap so that you don’t disappoint the brand if you receive any bad model.

Our Opinion

Our opinion about this water faucet is it’ll be a new look in your kitchen that will look much more pretty on the sink.

The handle is very unique and different from other models. Also, on the top of the faucet push button that is a new feature.

This is a perfect model for every homeowner who needs a faucet kitchen.


  • Unique design
  • Long-lasting finish
  • Perfect for every kitchen sink


  • The price is high, at this price it should come with a voice active feature

7: Hansgrohe 10821801 Starck High Arc Kitchen Faucet

Hansgrohe 10821801 Starck High Arc Kitchen Faucet

The Hansgrohe 10821801 Starck High Arc Kitchen Faucet has last place in our created list of top 7 best Hansgrohe kitchen faucet reviews.

It is designed with a unique and slim body, the body made of solid brass to work last for years.

The handle is a very attractive point in this model, like a slim stick with the faucet.

One of the best features of this model is its water flow rate since it delivers a maximum flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute.

This feature will help you to your kitchen work very fast and easily, and this flow rate is not available in other models on this list.

If you want a heavy-duty cleaning faucet for your kitchen, then the Hansgrohe 10821801 Starck High Arc Kitchen Faucet will be a suitable selection for you.

This flow rate works with 2 Spray Modes – Laminar and Needle, now you’ll not have to spend much time on kitchen tasks.

Like all models, this model can be swiveled with a 150-Degree range so that you have easy access to reach out of the sink area.


The conclusion about this model is this may be a perfect choice for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. This means this model is not only a perfect choice for home because it can be used in restaurants, cafeterias, and coffee shops.

Solid-body with a long-lasting finish ensures that your investment is in the correct product.

The magnetic docking sprayhead delivers two water models for different tasks.

The faucet can be installed by 1 hole or 3 holes depending upon your desire, however, the installation method is quite easy.


  • Eyes catching design, beautiful look for every sink
  • Best for heavy-duty cleaning
  • 2 GPM water flow rate
  • Easy installation faucet
  • Smart single handle


  • There is not any touchless option
  • The price may not suitable for everyone’s budget

Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucet Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Hansgrohe manufactures nice and durable quality faucets, there are a lot of models which fall into two categories – kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets.

I’d you like to buy a Hansgrohe kitchen faucet then you should consider at some point so that you can pick the perfect model for your kitchen.

We had reviewed so many models of the brand and gotten some informative points that may help you to select the right model for you.

Also, these points will be helpful for those people who are going to buy the kitchen faucet from Hansgrohe.

Faucet Arc Size

During research for the brand’s models, we have seen so many models that have the same name but the model numbers are different from each other.

These kinds of faucets have different arc sizes (Semi pro-Arc, high Arc, SemiArc) so keep in mind this factor which Arc size will be perfect for your kitchen.

The Arc size should be perfect in your sink so that you’ll have great access all around the sink room.

Now it depends upon you which size arc you need for the sink.

Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate is the most important factor in every faucet whether it is related to the kitchen or bathroom.

Most Hansgrohe kitchen faucets come with 1.75 GPM which is not bad since it is still fine to do kitchen tasks quickly.

But this flow rate may not be good for some people since it may not be perfect for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

If you don’t have any heavy-duty tasks then you can buy any model from Hansgrohe.

If you want a heavy flow rate then you should go to other brands of kitchen faucets like Delta, Kraus, and Rohl kitchen faucets.

You can get a good water flow rate from these brand models.

Spout Rotation

Although this is an additional feature in any tap but it is a very important feature since it gives you excellent flexibility for daily tasks which are related to cleaning or filling water.

Almost Hansgrohe kitchen faucets spout can swivel at least 150 degrees which gives good access all over the sink.

But other brands’ models can swivel a maximum of 360 degrees. If you don’t need a 360° swivel spout then you can invest in this brand.

Frequently Ask Questions 

Are the Hansgrohe kitchen faucets good?

The Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are made by premium quality materials that allow them to work in the kitchen for years.

However, it is not right to say the Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are not good. They are very good faucets that come in different shapes and finish.

Where is the right place to buy online the brand’s models?

You can buy the Hansgrohe kitchen faucet from their official website, but our opinion is you should buy from Amazon since Amazon is the best place to buy online products.

Because if you’ll have any problem with the product then Amazon will stand with you to solve your problem.

Q: What is the difference between a standard kitchen faucet and a Hansgrohe kitchen faucet?

A: A standard kitchen faucet is typically made from plastic or metal, while the Hansgrohe kitchen faucet is made from ceramic, which is more durable and resistant to discoloration.

Q: Why should I choose a Hansgrohe kitchen faucet?

A: Hansgrohe has been manufacturing high-quality products for over 30 years, and their ceramic kitchen faucets are no exception to that rule! They’re durable, high-quality, and easy to clean—plus they look beautiful in any home decor.

Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A: Hansgrohe offers a 1-year limited warranty for all faucets and plumbing components. Please contact our Customer Service department for more information about this warranty.

Q: Can I use my old faucet with this one?

Yes, you can! In fact, we recommend it! Our faucet will work just as well with your old model as it will with our new models. You may need to adjust the installation slightly, but the design of our faucets allows them to be easily swapped between models.

Q: Do I have to buy an entire set of kitchen faucets?

A: No—you can buy individual kitchen faucet parts as needed. This means that if you purchase just one bathroom or kitchen faucet, then you’ll only need to buy one installation kit and some valve handles, while still getting all of the other parts needed for installation (such as mounting hardware).

Q: Does the faucet come with a hose?

A: Yes, a hose is included with this faucet.

Q: What is a kitchen faucet?

A: A kitchen faucet is a pipe that connects to the drain in your sink. The water coming out of the tap comes from your water supply, through the faucet, and into the sink.

Q: How many taps do I need?

A: You need one tap for every sink you have in your home. If you have two sinks, then you need two taps—one for each sink. If you have three sinks or more, then you need three taps—one for each sink.

Q; Do I have to use all of my taps?

A: No! You can group your taps together so that they’re easier to control with one hand or wand than if they’re spread out over multiple zones.

Q: What is a sprayer head?

A: A sprayer head is a part of your kitchen faucet that sprays water when you turn it on. It looks like an upside-down triangle with holes around its edge and has O-rings on each side of it. The holes connect with holes in your sink so water comes out of them when you turn on your faucet.

Q: Is this a good idea for my kitchen?

A: This is a great idea for your kitchen! Since you’ll have so many choices out there, it’s hard to know what to choose. This faucet has all the features you want in a faucet, including:

-Touchless functionality

-High-arc design for rapid water flow

-Durable metal construction

The best part of this brand’s faucet is it’s incredibly easy to install. You don’t even need any tools! Just turn the handle clockwise until it seats into place, then turn counterclockwise until it clicks into place. That’s it!

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