5 Best Rohl Kitchen Faucets for May 2024 | Reviews & Guide

Upgrading the kitchen faucets is not a new thing, but in this modern time, most people want to modern style in everything.

They don’t want only modern style, with this they want facilities themselves to make their all work easily and quickly.

Especially, at places where related to their daily tasks like the kitchen and bathroom.

Yeah, the kitchen is the most important place for every homeowner, everyone wants to update the kitchen with modern appliances and other items.

But the sink area is very important to upgrade it with new modern type equipment to make kitchen task very easy as much as possible.

Most people want to upgrade their sink with a modern style kitchen faucet so that it gives a new look to their kitchen and increases the beauty around the sink area, also, making their daily work easy and quick.

This is why a lot of people search faucets for kitchen but many people don’t know how to search for the best modern style that can make convenience in their kitchen.

Maybe you don’t go to the further website or any other place because we found a brand that provides the best models in a modern style that make convince in your daily kitchen task, easy and quick.

Yeah, that is Rohl, the Rohl kitchen faucets are the best that can stand to fulfill this purpose of the people.

We find some best models from the Rohl kitchen sink faucet list, each piece has a beautiful look, is stylish, and is the best helper to make work easy.

We have found the 5 best Rohl faucets that will may perfect for every kitchen.

Rohl Kitchen Faucet’s Comparison Chart






Editor's Choice

Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Polished

  • Spout Height: 9.25 Inches

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM

  • Number of Handles: 2


High Arc

Rohl A1635LMPN-2 Filtration Kitchen Faucet

Rohl A1635LMPN-2 Filtration Kitchen Faucet

  • Material: Metal

  • Finish Type: Polished

  • Spout Height: 10 19/64"

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM

  • Number of Handles: 1


Best for overall

Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Kitchen Faucet

Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Kitchen Faucet

  • Material: Metal

  • Finish Type: Polished

  • Spout Height: 7.88 Inches

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM

  • Number of Handles: 2


Best Budget

Rohl R7913APC De Lux Side Lever Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Rohl R7913APC De Lux Side Lever Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

  • Material: Brass

  • Finish Type: Polished

  • Spout Height: 10 Inches

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM

  • Number of Handles: 1


Commercial Style

Rohl R7521SS Pull-Down Faucet

Rohl R7521SS Pull-Down Faucet

  • Material: Metal

  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel

  • Spout Height: 8.5 Inches

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM

  • Number of Handles: 1


1: Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

The Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 Two Handle Kitchen Faucet is the winner in the list of our top best 5 Kohl kitchen faucet reviews list.

When it comes to faucet performance and design the Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 is known by its best in performance and beautiful in design.

This is why it stands with the top-selling products and brands like Delta kitchen faucets and Kraus kitchen faucets on Amazon.

Its traditional style and either side handle to make it a suitable model for every kitchen sink, even it can be perfect for restaurants, And coffee shops.

The deck mounted features for easy installation and perfect balance on the sink of every kitchen. It needs 4 holes to fix on the sink, however, you’ll not need to call any plumber since you can easily install it.

The construction of this model is solid brass that increases the faucet lifespan, this is why Rohl gives a limited lifetime warranty with this model.

The spout height of this faucet is 9.25 from the base, this means it will give the users plenty of space for working.

Rohl Two handles kitchen faucets are easy to understand about temperature, you can make both handles for hot and cold water.

To be a conclusion about this model, the design plays both roles in vintage and modern style since it is a very unique design.

This will may be a perfect choice who needs a two-handle kitchen faucet. Due to solid material construction, it can work for a long time, the water usage can’t damage the faucet quickly and easily.

One of the bad things which I don’t like about this model is its price because the price is very high.


  • Unique design perfect for every kitchen
  • High arc makes every task easy for users
  • Very easy to install the faucet
  • The separate spray gives more facilities


  • It needs 4 holes for installation
  • The price is very high

2: Rohl A1635LMPN-2 Filtration Kitchen Faucet

 Rohl A1635LMPN-2 Filtration Kitchen Faucet

The 2nd winner is Rohl A1635LMPN-2 Filtration Kitchen Faucet in the list of our top 5 best Rohl kitchen faucet reviews.

This Rohl kitchen faucet comes with a single mini lever handle, and a slim body design makes the faucet different to other models.

The construction with solid brass makes the faucet sturdy enough so that it can be used for the daily tasks in the kitchen without experiencing any wearing.

Of course, the premium quality gives a lifetime warranty as well, which can be claimed in case you do encounter a problem with the functionality.

It is designed for a long-necked faucet, however, the height of the spout is almost 10 inches. This means plenty of room will available for you to clean and wash inside the sink.

Furthermore, the spout reach is at least 4 inches, but it swivels as your desire all around the sink area. That means it’ll deliver the water in all directions of the faucet.

The Rohl A1635LMPN-2 Filtration Kitchen Faucet provides 0.5 GPM, this water flow may not be for cleaning heavy-duty tasks, it can save the water from wastage.


  • Construction for long-lasting
  • The high arc gives a big room for cleaning tasks
  • The faucet spout can swivel 360 degree
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The water slow is not suitable for heavy work
  • The single handle is difficult to adjust the temperature

3: Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Kitchen Faucet

 Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Kitchen Faucet

The Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Kitchen Faucet has 3rd place in the list of the top 5 best Rohl kitchen faucet reviews.

This Rohl kitchen faucet has a separate side sprayhead which means there is no need to have a magnetic deck mounting.

You can manually fix the spray head into the hole, this feature is more secure than others since it never drops the sprayhead.

This kind of spray creates more facilities and a large room for daily kitchen tasks.

When any faucet features a ceramic disc cartridge this means it will don’t disappointed you with leakage since this feature guarantees for long-lasting performance. This faucet has a feature Ceramic disc cartridge to make sure your this selected model is made for long-lasting.

This design is a perfect choice for a bar or food prep kitchen, therefore, having two handles, a high arc, and a side spray head.

The water flow rate is 1.8 GPM which can be enough for cleaning greasy dishes and plates.

The Rohl U.4719L-PN-2 Kitchen Faucet needs 3 holes for installation, one for sprayhead, and two holes for either side handle.


  • A good water flow than other Rohl models
  • ceramic disc cartridge for long lasting performance
  • Two handles are best for hot and cold water distribution
  • Elegant design


  • It only needs 3 holes for installation
  • Expensive model

4: Rohl R7913APC De Lux Side Lever Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Rohl R7913APC De Lux Side Lever Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Although the Rohl kitchen faucets come with a high price this is why there is no option for everybody to buy a faucet from this brand.

Since the budget pack doesn’t allow to everyone to buy an expensive kitchen faucet, but the Rohl R7913APC De Lux Side Lever Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet comes with a reasonable price.

Maybe it is not modern and stylish for you, but it is a simple and decent style faucet that can be matched for every kitchen sink.

One of the best features most people like is the brass material, brass kitchen faucets are able to work in the kitchen for years.

The handle has fixed with a unique shape that controls the spout with 1.8 GPM which means you’ll safe from wastage water. This flow rate mean it might be a perfect kitchen faucet for low water pressure.

To install this model, you’ll just need a single hole, this is a very easy and quick method to install it.

This Rohl kitchen faucet spout swivels at 360 degrees which means it can deliver water to any side of the sink.

In short, the Rohl R7913APC De Lux Side Lever Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is very for small size kitchen sink.

Its water flow will help you to do kitchen work quickly and easily, and the faucet is designed for a long time.


  • Very easy and quick to install this model since it needs only one hole
  • The water flow rate is better than other Rohl models
  • The spout gives good flexibility to swivel it on any side of the sink
  • Built to run lifetime


  • It is still more expensive than other models
  • Low spout height that is not suitable for every kitchen

5: Rohl R7521SS Pull-Down Faucet

Rohl R7521SS Pull-Down Faucet

The Rohl R7521SS Pull-Down Faucet comes in our list of top 5 best Rohl kitchen faucet reviews.

This is designed for commercial usage that is perfect for hotels since it is equipped with all the requirements which need at those places.

Style is so elegant that attracts its buyer, this is an all-rounder design since you can do every task in the sink area.

You can install it at your home if you want more convenience in daily kitchen tasks because the high arc is the best for doing multiple tasks.

The sprayhead is secured in the dock handle that holds it when you’re not using the sprayhead.

The stainless steel material construction for long-lasting usage is the perfect material at water places because the faucet rust quickly at this place. This means you don’t need to worry about any rusting on the faucet, and your kitchen faucet will remain new for a long time.

it is designed with a single handle that is very good for adjusting the water flow. The water flow rate is 1.8 GPM which will help you fill bottles quickly.



  • Expensive

What are the reasons to buy a Rohl kitchen faucet?

Rohl is a prominent brand in the luxury plumbing fixture industry, known for its high-quality faucets, fixtures, and accessories. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to craftsmanship, it has become a preferred choice for homeowners, designers, and architects seeking top-notch products that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Brand History and Background:

Established in 1983 by the visionary entrepreneur Ken Rohl, it has emerged as a prominent player in the plumbing industry. With a rich family heritage deeply intertwined with the plumbing trade, Ken Rohl seized the opportunity to create a brand that would redefine luxury and elevate the standards of faucet and fixture design.

From its inception, Rohl set out to curate a collection of distinctive and authentic European faucets and fixtures for the discerning American market. The brand’s initial focus on sourcing exquisite products from across the Atlantic resonated with homeowners, interior designers, and architects who sought to infuse their spaces with a touch of European elegance and craftsmanship.

As Rohl’s reputation grew, so did its ambition. Recognizing the need to cater to a broader range of customer preferences, the company began integrating its own design concepts into its product offerings. This strategic move allowed Rohl to forge a unique identity in the industry, blending traditional European influences with contemporary design elements.

One of the hallmarks of Rohl’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to quality. Each faucet and fixture is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and precision engineering techniques, ensuring longevity and durability.

This old company understands that its customers value not only the aesthetics of their products but also their functionality and reliability. By adhering to rigorous quality standards, Rohl has established itself as a trusted name synonymous with excellence.

Over the years, Rohl has continued to expand its product portfolio to cater to the evolving needs and tastes of its customers. From timeless classics to cutting-edge innovations, the brand offers a comprehensive range of faucets, fixtures, and accessories that effortlessly blend form and function. Whether it’s a luxurious bathroom remodel or a chef-inspired kitchen, Rohl kitchen faucet provides the perfect solutions to create spaces that exude elegance and sophistication.

Commitment to Craftsmanship:

At the core of Rohl’s brand philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Renowned for its exceptional attention to detail and dedication to producing fixtures of unparalleled quality, Rohl embodies the essence of artisanal excellence.

Each Rohl product is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who possess a profound understanding of their craft. Combining time-honored manufacturing techniques with cutting-edge technology, these artisans infuse every fixture with a sense of artistry and precision.

From the initial design concept to the final finishing touches, Rohl’s craftsmen pour their expertise and passion into every step of the manufacturing process.

They select the finest materials that can ensure the durability and longevity. Each curve, angle, and connection is meticulously executed, reflecting the brand’s commitment to creating fixtures that not only inspire awe but also withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Rohl’s attention to detail is unmatched. Every contour is precisely sculpted, every surface impeccably finished. It is this dedication to perfection that sets Rohl apart, elevating its fixtures to the realm of timeless works of art. The brand’s artisans understand that it is the subtle nuances and meticulous finishes that transform a fixture from ordinary to extraordinary.

Furthermore, Rohl’s commitment to blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology ensures that its fixtures not only exude beauty but also deliver exceptional performance. By leveraging innovative manufacturing processes, Rohl achieves the perfect balance between timeless design and functional reliability.

In an era of mass production and disposable goods, Rohl stands as a testament to the enduring value of craftsmanship. The brand’s fixtures embody the spirit of artisanal heritage, each one telling a story of meticulous care and unwavering dedication. Rohl understands that true luxury lies not only in the aesthetics of a product but also in the craftsmanship and passion invested in its creation.

Design Excellence:

Rohl faucets and fixtures are renowned for their elegant and timeless designs. The brand collaborates with acclaimed designers, architects, and craftsmen to create innovative and visually appealing products. Rohl offers a wide range of styles, from classic and traditional to contemporary and modern, ensuring that there is something to suit every taste and design aesthetic.

With a strong emphasis on design, Rohl kitchen faucets stand out in their commitment to excellence. Upon reviewing the Rohl kitchen faucet catalog, it becomes evident that the brand has a particular focus on manufacturing two-handle kitchen faucets rather than single-handle ones.

The preference for two-handle kitchen faucets stems from their practicality and functionality. These faucets allow for a more intuitive understanding of water temperature, as users can easily distinguish between the hot and cold handles. By providing this clarity, Rohl kitchen faucet enhances the user experience, offering convenience and peace of mind.

For individuals who appreciate the benefits of two-handle kitchen faucets, Rohl emerges as a perfect choice. This brand’s faucets not only meet but exceed the expectations of users, consistently delivering on quality, durability, and performance. With Rohl, customers can confidently select a kitchen faucet that combines stylish design with reliable functionality.

Materials and Durability:

At Rohl kitchen faucet brand, a paramount focus is placed on the utilization of only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing of their faucets. By meticulously selecting materials such as solid brass, stainless steel, and ceramic disc cartridges, Rohl guarantees exceptional durability and longevity in their products.

Solid brass is a preferred material due to its inherent strength and resistance to corrosion, ensuring the faucets maintain their structural integrity over time. Stainless steel is also utilized for its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear.

Furthermore, the integration of ceramic disc cartridges provides superior performance and reliability by reducing leaks and drips. With Rohl’s commitment to material quality, homeowners can be confident in investing in faucets that are built to withstand the test of time.

Innovation and Technology:

While Rohl upholds traditional manufacturing techniques, the brand also embraces innovative technologies to enhance the functionality and user experience of their faucets.

Rohl understands the importance of precise control over water flow and temperature, which is why they offer advanced features like ceramic disc valves. These valves provide smooth and effortless operation, ensuring precise control and preventing unwanted dripping or leaks.

Additionally, Rohl integrates water-saving technologies into their faucets, promoting environmentally conscious practices. By incorporating flow restrictors and aerators, Rohl sink faucets reduce water consumption without compromising performance. Homeowners can enjoy the perfect balance between efficiency and functionality.

Product Range:

Rohl takes pride in offering a comprehensive product range that caters to the diverse requirements of homeowners. Their pull down kitchen sink faucet collection includes both single-handle and double-handle options, providing flexibility and convenience in water control.

For added versatility, Rohl kitchen faucet offers pull-out and pull-down sprays, allowing for easy maneuverability and efficient cleaning. Those seeking a traditional and elegant look can choose from Rohl’s bridge faucets, while professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts will appreciate the functionality of pot fillers.

Moreover, Rohl’s selection of sinks, showers, tubs, and accessories ensures that every aspect of your kitchen and bathroom can be harmoniously designed with quality fixtures that meet your specific needs.

Certifications and Standards:

When investing in Rohl products, customers can be confident that they meet rigorous industry standards and certifications. Rohl prioritizes compliance with plumbing codes and regulations, ensuring that their faucets not only provide exceptional performance but also adhere to the highest quality standards.

One notable certification that the company products carry is the WaterSense certification, which signifies their commitment to water efficiency.

By meeting or exceeding the water efficiency guidelines set by this certification, the brand products help homeowners reduce water consumption without compromising performance. These certifications validate that Rohl fixtures are not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious, making them a smart and responsible choice for any home.

Customer Support and Warranty:

At Rohl, we prioritize providing exceptional customer service and support. We understand the importance of addressing our customers’ needs promptly and effectively.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the brand offers a comprehensive warranty on all our products. This warranty safeguards against any manufacturing defects, giving our customers peace of mind when purchasing our luxury plumbing fixtures.

Its dedicated customer service team is readily available to answer inquiries, provide technical assistance, and offer guidance on product selection and installation. We strive to exceed expectations and make every customer experience a positive one.

Industry Recognition:

Rohl’s commitment to excellence has garnered significant recognition within the plumbing industry. We have proudly received numerous accolades and awards that highlight our innovative designs, product excellence, and overall contribution to the industry.

These prestigious honors reflect our unwavering dedication to producing top-quality plumbing fixtures and solidify our position as a leader in the luxury plumbing market. When you choose Rohl kitchen faucet, you can trust that you’re selecting a brand that has been acknowledged and celebrated by industry experts.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

At Rohl, we recognize the importance of sustainability and social responsibility in today’s world. We actively pursue environmentally friendly solutions and manufacturing processes to minimize our impact on the planet.

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint drives us to explore sustainable alternatives and implement eco-conscious practices. We prioritize using recycled materials whenever possible, contributing to the preservation of natural resources. Additionally, we support initiatives that promote water conservation and environmental preservation.

By choosing Rohl kitchen faucet, you’re not only investing in luxurious plumbing fixtures but also supporting a brand that genuinely cares about the future of our planet.

Remember, Rohl is your trusted partner for exceptional customer support, industry-leading warranty coverage, and a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Choose Rohl for unparalleled quality and peace of mind in your plumbing fixtures.

Final Verdict

Rohl kitchen faucets are reliable, long-lasting, and made by premium quality models. All these models have such a nice design that can be perfect for every kitchen sink, and increase the look of the kitchen.

All have features to make daily kitchen tasks quicker and easier, and also give flexibility for cleaning the kitchen pots in large and small sizes.

There are types of faucets we have seen in this brand, single-handle faucets, and two-handles kitchen faucets.

A Rohl kitchen faucet is very easy to install, however, some models need only one hole, some need two holes, and some need three to four holes.

The spout heights are also available in different sizes, there are high arc and low arc faucets available in the Rohl kitchen faucets catalog.

Unfortunately, there is one bad thing that I don’t like, the price of this model’s faucets is very high compared to other brands.

We can get a high-quality faucet with a touchless feature at this price. So if you want to see other brand’s faucets then you can read our reviews Delta kitchen faucets, and Kraus kitchen faucets. Maybe you’ll have another great option after checking Delta and Kraus kitchen faucets.


Q: How much does a Rohl kitchen faucet cost?

A: Rohl’s faucets can be purchased in a variety of price ranges depending on which model you choose. You can choose from three different models: the Slimline, Classic, and Heritage. Prices range from $200 to $1050, depending on the model you choose.

Q: What materials are used to make the Rohl Kitchen Faucet?

A: The Rohl Kitchen Faucet is made from solid brass and metal materials, which means it’s durable and long-lasting. It also has an anti-scale system that protects against corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about your faucet corroding over time.

Q: How does it work?

A: The Rohl Kitchen Faucet has two spray modes: stream and pulse. When in stream mode, water will flow out of the nozzle at full pressure through all four holes at once—perfect for washing dishes or rinsing off pots and pans. In pulse mode, water flows out of each hole one after another—perfect for washing fruit or vegetables or rinsing off plates and bowls.

Q: Is the Rohl Kitchen Faucet a good fit for my home?

A: We love the Rohl Kitchen Faucet, and we know it’s a great fit for your home. But don’t take our word for it—talk with your friends and family. When they come over to check out the new faucet, ask them what they think. They’ll probably love it as much as you do!

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