Kraus Allyn Kitchen Faucet Review: Best Industrial Faucet of 2024

Kraus Allyn Kitchen Faucet

Are you looking for an industrial kitchen faucet? If you’re answer is ”yes” then you don’t need waste time further. Because we after spending countless time, we picked the best industrial faucet. Yeah, we’re talking about Kraus Allyn kitchen faucet.

In this review, we’ll tell you overall about this model so that it can be cleared whether it should be a part of your kitchen or not.

We’ll try to let you know the importance of this faucet and why you should buy it.

So you really need this type model then you must stay connect with us till the end.

Kraus Allyn Kitchen Faucet Review

Overall Design

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

The Kraus Allyn kitchen faucet has an industrial style design that celebrates both art and function. It features hexagonal bolts and diamond-knurled accents that create a striking focal point for your kitchen.

This Kraus faucet is totally different from Pfister Arkitek Kitchen Faucet, but I like both faucets due to their designs and performance.

One of the best part of part this model is it’s 16 3/4 inches tall. You can optimize it to fit underneath standard kitchen cabinets where other kitchen faucets may not. This taller height provides more clearance for doing dishes.

Moreover, this Kraus kichen faucet has a swivel spout that can rotates fully 360 degrees. It allows users to be positioned for convenience no matter they have hard task. The spout reaches 8 7/8 inches, giving good coverage of the sink.

To increase this sink faucet lifespan, It’s constructed from durable brass and uses braided nylon water lines to ensure reliable performance over time.

Also, the spot-free stainless steel finish is resistant to water spots, fingerprints, corrosion, fading or tarnishing. Kraus knows busy users can’t afford too much maintenance that’s why it made this model easy to keep clean without harsh chemicals.

The pull-down sprayhead has “Reach Technology” for maximum maneuverability around the sink. The retractable hose swivels smoothly and can flex, pivot and stretch to easily reach all areas.

Together, these features provide flexibility, easy cleaning and maintenance, and an attractive industrial design – making it a versatile and lasting choice for the kitchen. The taller height also provides better clearance than many other faucets.


Overall Rating: 9.8/10

The Kraus Allyn kitchen faucet sprayhead has two functions – stream and spray. This is a common feature that also available in most faucets but some other models feature 3 modes. If you want 3 mode water spray then you must check Delta kitchen faucets like Delta Leland.

The Allyn faucet’s stream water mode is perfect for everyday washing, while the other mode of water spray is great for heavy-duty rinsing jobs.

One thing which I liked very much in this model is its spray nozzles, they have smooth rubber holes to make a good water blade. Also, they are easy to clean so you can wipe away any mineral buildup, helping the faucet perform well for a long time.

The high-arc spout provides good clearance under the faucet so you can fit large items like tall pitchers in your sink.

The single handle faucet uses premium ceramic cartridges tested to last through over 500,000 use cycles, ensuring leak-free operation for years.

Kraus fitted a perfect water-saving aerator that reduces water usage without compromising pressure.

The faucet will save you water bill and provides an efficient 1.8 gallons per minute flow. This water pressure helps you in many tasks of kitchen including filling, washing, and scrubbing.

The comfort-grip handle is easy to use with just 90-degrees of forward motion. This compact design allows installation even in tight spaces with no backsplash.

The single-lever operation also makes it ADA compliant for universal accessibility. Overall it offers versatile cleaning options and durable construction for long-lasting performance.

Installation & Warranty

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

Do you know installing a new faucet seems like such a hassle? Most people nervous about taking on the faucet installation themself. But let me tell you, this single-hole kitchen faucet from Kraus made the whole process an absolute breeze!

Right out of the box, everything you’ll need is pre-attached and ready to go. The flexible water lines is the perfect length already, so no messing around trying to cut and connect pipes. Even the spray hose is quick-connect, which will save you from having to figure out hose threading. If I talk about attention to detail – Kraus even included a handy little counterweight to balance the Allyn faucet and spray head weight. No more awkward leaning or slipping!

Another thing that you may also like is mounting it to the sink is a cinch with the hardware provided. The instructions are super clear as well. Within an hour, you can a beautiful new faucet up and running without needing to call a plumber.

Best of all, I know this pull down faucet is built to last with its lifetime limited warranty. It’s really a peace of mind knowing Kraus has my back if any issues come up down the road. Should you ever need them, customer service is only a call away. So if you’ve been putting off that DIY plumbing project, I really think this is the faucet for you.

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My Verdict

As you can see, this kitchen sink faucet really impressed me with its sleek, modern design and great functionality. I love how easy it is to use with that pull-down spray head – so handy when you’re trying to fill pots or clean up messy counters. Its customize size really takes convenience to another level. No more having to use your elbows to turn the water on!

Price-wise, it’s on the higher end but honestly I think it’s worth it considering how well-made this faucet feels. You really get a sense that it’ll stand the test of time in your kitchen. Customer service from Kraus was also top-notch when I had a small issue. They shipped out a replacement part super fast with no hassle.

So in summary, if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen faucet and you’ve got the budget for it, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Kraus Allyn. It’s a real beauty that does its job without complaint. Hope this review helped as you weigh your options.

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