Delta Addison Kitchen Faucet Review: Perfect For Kitchens in 2024

Definitely, when a company serve itself in an industry since many so it has much experience about the industry pros and cons. Like this, Delta has served itself in plumbing industry, it knows very well how to built tools that facilitate people according to their expectations.

There are so many types of kitchen faucets including commercial kitchen faucet, traditional, fortunately, the company covers all the types.

Today, we’re going to talk about Delta Addison kitchen faucet which has ability to come to the expectations of the people who want to buy the best modern kitchen faucets.

Don’t only the faucet has a modern look it is equipped with several features that will be elaborating here!

The purpose of this review, we try to guide the buyers to get the best model for their kitchen. Because our so many daily tasks are related to kitchen so it is very important to pick the right model.

So let’s check each feature of the Delta Addison faucet!

Technical Speces

FinishArctic Stainlessl
Installation TypeDeck Mounted
Maximum Flow Rate1.5 Gallons Per Minute
Item Dimensions LxWxH10.34 x 5 x 10.34 inches
Spout Height‎15.38 Inches
Spout Reach10.34 Inches
Item Weight5pounds

About Delta Addison Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Addison kitchen faucet is similar to Delta Emmeline faucet because it also has all the features which the Emmeline has covered.

One of the smart point in this tap is it can be operated by touch, you just need to touch anywhere of the spout to on or off the water flow. This decent feature will be very great in winter season when kitchen tasks become very difficult especially washing the dishes.

 In these tasks, you have to wet your hands even you don’t want to do it due to coolness But this faucet is able to prevent users hands from wetting.

Moreover, it also safes the kitchen area which the sink has covered by wetting and germs because the continuous flow of water in one place creates dirt and germs.

Also, it doesn’t only safe you from germs and wetting but the Addison will keep clean your kitchen too. You’ll not need to clean the kitchen over the time as you have to with other kitchen faucets which don’t have touch ability.

Another good thing of the tap is its price, an average person also can buy a touch kitchen faucet because the Delta Addison kitchen faucet comes at very affordable price.

We reviewed a lot of models of different brands but most of them are afford less even they are not equipped with touch feature.

Thank you Delta for giving the best touch kitchen sink faucet with reasonable price.

This Delta kitchen faucet has many useful features which need a deep glance that’s why we want to dive its each feature to know about it. Let’s try to see all features!

What Make The Delta Addison Kitchen Faucet Most Good Faucet

delta addison kitchen faucet review

Touch-Activated Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Addison uses infrared motion sensing technology to detect when your hands are near the spout. Simply waving your wrist under the spout is enough to start and stop the flow of water. The sensors are very sensitive too – it activates from about 2-3 inches away so you don’t have to touch the spout at all.

This touch functionality is great when your hands are dirty or full. No more fumbling to turn the knob with messy fingers. Just a subtle hand wave is all it takes. The motion sensors worked very reliably in my testing. On the rare occasion it didn’t detect my hand right away, a second try always did the trick.

In addition to the touch controls, the faucet also has a single lever handle on the base for manual temperature and flow adjustment. I appreciate having this backup option, as some tasks like filling pots are easier to control precisely using the lever. The handle is smooth and easy to move between temperature settings.

Speaking of temperature, the Delta Addison has an integrated LED indicator light that displays the water temp with different colors. Red means it’s hot, blue is cold, and purple is in between. This is incredibly helpful when filling pots or checking on food in the sink, since you don’t have to touch the water to know the temp. The colors are very distinct so you can tell at a glance.

delta addison kitchen faucet review

The faucet sprayer is also detachable for additional flexibility. I use it all the time for rinsing produce or cleaning dishes. It has a nice weight and feels sturdy in the hand. Reattaching it to the base is easy with a satisfying click.

These features are also available in the Delta Pivotal kitchen faucet which is also a perfect modern single handle kitchen faucet.

MagnaTite Docking

delta addison kitchen faucet review

The MagnaTite Docking is a nifty feature you can find in Delta Addison kitchen faucets. This fancy technology uses a strong magnet to keep the sprayer securely in place. No more worries about a droopy or loose sprayer.

But for all that strength, it’s also remarkably easy to operate. The magnet aligns the sprayer so perfectly that you don’t have to fiddle with positioning it – just pull it off the base and let the magnet do the work on the return. No more fighting with a loose or crooked sprayer head.

The magnetic field it generates is incredibly strong. You’ll amazed the first time you feel the satisfying “click” of the sprayer snapping into place. You can really feel the magnetic pull – it takes a good firm tug to detach it once docked.

I especially appreciate how sturdily it holds up to frequent, everyday use. In my busy kitchen, you can grab that sprayer multiple times a day for all sorts of tasks. Yet no matter how many times you yank it in and out, the magnet always pulls it right back into the same straight, aligned position.

Just so you know, MagnaTite Docking is a special patented technology by the clever folks over at Delta Faucet Company. You can find it in many of their kitchen faucet models.


You see, this innovative faucet feature is designed to reduce the number of potential leak points. That means fewer chances for pesky leaks to ruin your day. With DIAMOND Seal Technology, you can trust that your faucet will be more durable and reliable, standing strong for a longer period of time.

The lifespan of this kitchen sink faucet, measured by the number of cycles it can perform before experiencing a leak, is twice as long as the industry standard. The industry standard, set by the ASME A112.18.1, sits at 500,000 cycles. But with the DIAMOND Seal Technology in action, this faucet is expected to last for at least 1,000,000 cycles before even thinking about a leak. That’s double the durability, my friend!

The Delta Addison kitchen faucet can keep chugging along without any leaks, providing you with a convenient and worry-free kitchen experience. No more fretting over sudden drips or unexpected water surprises. You can focus on your culinary masterpieces and let the faucet handle the rest.

So, if you require a faucet that’s built to last, the one equipped with DIAMOND Seal Technology is a top-notch choice. It’s all about durability and reliability.

ShieldSpray Technology

delta addison kitchen faucet review

With ShieldSpray Technology, you get a powerful stream of water that can tackle all sorts of surfaces. From bathroom fixtures to kitchen counters, even those tough grease and grime spots don’t stand a chance! It’s like having a superhero cleaning tool right at your fingertips.

One of the major benefits of this technology which I liked ver much is its ability to contain splatter. You know how those pesky water sprays can create a mess everywhere? Well, ShieldSpray Technology uses a nifty protective sphere to keep that splatter under control. We’re talking about a reduction of up to 90% compared to standard sprays! Say goodbye to those messy clean-ups and hello to a more efficient and stress-free cleaning experience.

The power of that water stream is something else. It makes cleaning faster and easier, effortlessly removing stubborn dirt and grime. You won’t have to spend hours scrubbing away anymore. With Delta Addison kitchen faucet on your side, the cleaning process is significantly speeded up, allowing you to spend more time enjoying life and less time scrubbing away.

Not only does it save time, but it also saves you from the stress of worrying about water and cleaning solution splattering all over your precious floors and walls. ShieldSpray Technology keeps everything contained, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable cleaning process.

Some Users Thoughts About Delta Addison Kitchen Faucet

Joe Picc said

I love it! I always wash my hands when cooking. I also rinse my knives between chopping vegetables and washing cutting boards. Or rinse my hands between ingredients while I’m making something like enchiladas. My old Delta always had a puddle of water on the counter behind the faucet.

For those who have complained of rusting on this sprayer, all pull down faucets do. When cleaning your faucet, simply clean the top of the sprayer as well. And to those who complained that there was no way to mount the battery box. Use velcro. One on the side of your cabinet and the other on the back of the battery box. Would I buy this product again? Absolutely! Five stars across the board.

Rena Nittoli Said

We needed to replace a leaking faucet right away, so we ordered this Delta Touch Leas faucet and installed it quickly (any beginner could put it on).

I enjoyed using the touchless option during cooking to avoid cross-contamination (meat germs etc.)

I really LOVE THE AUTO SHUT OFF OPTION even more because kids and seniors forget to turn off the water so if you let it run for a few minutes it will do it for you.

The only thing I’m not thrilled about is changing the batteries (requires 6 AAA batteries). We have changed them 2 times in 2 1/2 years!

Another User Thoughts

I had the same touch faucet in my old house, just a different color. I moved to a new apartment that came with a traditional sink faucet and ended up upgrading to the Delta Addison Touch faucet. It is so nice to have and after being one of my favorite features in my house it is now one of my favorite features in my new condo. The faucet works, it looks much pretty, it’s just a great product!

R. E. Said

I bought this touch activated faucet and it has changed my life so much more than I expected. Now when I use an “old fashioned” faucet I almost get annoyed because I actually have to turn it on and off manually.

Switching on and off is very convenient and saves a lot of clutter. Worth every penny for this feature. The faucet looks great but it was hard for me to find the perfect look. Maybe I’m picky. Nothing leaks, which is great. It’s so much easier to wash my pots and pans with the big curved neck. The magnetic base is ideal for storing the spray tip.

I don’t use the spray function very often, mostly just the normal stream. I do it as soon as you turn the faucet off and on again, it would default back to normal flow, like my last faucet.

The splatter guard is a nice feature, but it has limited use for me, such as cleaning peanut butter off a knife before putting it in the dishwasher. Regardless, after a year and a half, this faucet is still one of the best things I’ve ever bought for the house.

Final Verdict

The Delta Addison kitchen faucet is a great addition to any home. It’s sleek design and high-quality construction make it a great choice for your kitchen. The faucet comes with a variety of features that make it easy to use, including an auto-drain feature that makes cleaning up after yourself simple.

The Delta Addison pull down kitchen faucet is made from durable materials that will hold up over time. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts so you can feel confident in its performance. Also, a swivel spout and a sprayer that can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of pots and pans. The handle is also made from stainless steel, so it won’t scratch your pots or pans.

The handle is curved, which gives it an elegant look while also making it easier to grip when washing dishes or cleaning up spills. The spout is also curved, so it doesn’t splash water everywhere when opening or closing the faucet.

The Delta Addison faucet is also very easy to install–just attach the hose to your water line, then attach the faucet to the hose using included screws. The Delta Addison kitchen faucet comes with an all-in-one cartridge filter that removes 99% of chlorine from your water supply, making it safe for drinking!

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