Delta Westville Kitchen Faucet Review: Is it worth buying in 2024?

Delta Westville Kitchen Faucet Review

Finding the perfect kitchen faucet isn’t always easy. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to separate the quality brands from the duds. That’s where a Delta Westville Kitchen Faucet review comes in.

The Delta Westville is a popular faucet choice that has been on the market for several years now. As we enter 2024, many homeowners may be wondering – is the Westville still worth buying given it’s not the newest model out there? In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Delta Westville’s performance, design features, water flow, and overall value to help you decide if it’s the right faucet choice for your kitchen remodel this year.

We’ll cover everything from this sink faucet’s versatile spray settings and convenient pull-down wand, to its limited lifetime warranty and reviews from real customers. By the end, you’ll have a good idea if the Westville has what it takes to still be a top performer in your kitchen, or if you may want to consider a more recently updated Delta model instead. Let’s get started with our Delta Westville Kitchen Faucet review for 2024!

Delta Westville Kitchen Faucet Review


Looking to add a touch of elegance and tradition to your kitchen design without compromising functionality? The Delta Westville pull-down faucet may be just what you’re after.

This model has a look that is subtly nostalgic yet feels right at home in any modern kitchen. Gentle swooping curves give it a vintage vibe, but the pull-down spray head ensures it also meets all your contemporary cooking needs.

 Besides that, this kitchen sink faucet features a high arch gooseneck design that allows it to swivel a full 360 degrees. No more straining or awkwardly positioned pots – just point the faucet head exactly where you need it. The 20-inch retractable hose further enhances its reach. I can now easily fill sinks across the entire counter without having to juggle and maneuver heavy pots.

Cleaning has also become a breeze. Whether I need to rinse out large pots or fill my sink for hand-washing dishes, this single handle kitchen faucet glides into exactly the right position with ease. No more accidental splashes outside the sink either thanks to its flexible hose. Its design is a little bit similar to the Delta Abbott faucet.

The smooth articulation of the gooseneck and hose feels fluid, not stiff or rigid like my old faucet. It moves exactly where I aim it with no resistance. This faucet has brought so much more convenience to my kitchen tasks through its high arching design and extended range of motion.

Available in a variety of Arctic Stainless, chrome, and matte black finish options, the Westville is sure to complement a variety of décor styles. Its timeless aesthetic will never feel dated down the road as your design tastes evolve.

We chose the Arctic Stainless 9110-AR-DST finish because this is a unique color and most people buy it.


Delta Westville Kitchen Faucet Review

Have you ever struggled with calcium and limescale buildup clogging your faucet’s spray holes? It can be so frustrating trying to scrub tiny nozzles clean. With my new pulldown kitchen faucet, that problem is a thing of the past.

When researching new models, I was intrigued by features like MagnaTite docking and Touch-Clean spray holes. They sounded innovative, but would they really make as big of a difference as the marketing claimed?

Let me tell you, the magnet technology has exceeded all expectations. MagnaTite uses powerful integrated magnets that smoothly guide the spray head back into place with barely a touch. No more wrestling or fiddling to get it to latch securely. It effortlessly clicks into the holder after each use.

The peace of mind this provides is incredible. I no longer worry about accidentally knocking the sprayer loose or finding it floating around at the bottom of my sink. It’s always neatly docked out of the way until I need it. What a relief not to stress over losing or breaking an expensive piece!

As for the Touch-Clean spray holes, they’ve completely eliminated any buildup struggles. A quick swipe and mineral deposits vanish. It’s so satisfying to watch stubborn calcium wipe away with just my fingertip. No more tools to store or messy cleaners to mix.

The best part is how little effort cleaning now takes. What used to be a tedious Sunday chore is a breeze worked into my daily routine. Sparkling spray jets mean perfect water pressure too. My faucet has never looked or performed better.

Between the magnetic convenience and spotless sprayer, the Delta Westville kitchen faucet upgrade was undoubtedly worth the investment. Chores are so much less of a chore with the right tools. If you’re ready to simplify sink time, I can’t recommend enough looking for a faucet with MagnaTite docking and Touch-Clean spray holes. Your hands and patience will thank you!

No leakage possibility

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As much as I love the look of a new kitchen, nobody wants to be replacing appliances every few years. That’s why I was so impressed by the longevity promise of my new Delta Westville pull-down faucet.

It uses something called DIAMOND Seal Technology, which provides a durable seal that reduces potential leak points. According to Delta, it makes the kitchen sink faucet last twice as long as the industry standard! Now that’s reassuring.

Installation was also a breeze thanks to this feature. No need for messy Teflon tape or other sealants that can be tricky to work with. DIAMOND Seal created a tight barrier right out of the box.

Down the road, I love knowing I likely won’t have to deal with dripping or other annoying issues so soon either. Less hassle for me and less waste for the environment too.

Easy Installation

One of the things I love most about this Delta Westville kitchen faucet is how  easy it is to get up and running. Whether you have a single-hole or 3-hole setup, the included mounting hardware handles it all.

The deck plate allows for versatile installation in 1-hole or 3-hole configurations. And flexible InnoFlex supply lines mean fewer potential leak points down the road.

Installation is truly as simple as attaching the faucet body, connecting the water supply, then securing it firmly in place. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen fixture without ever having to make extra trips to the hardware store.

I appreciate the care that went into the design to minimize complications during the install process. It arrived fully assembled and ready to mount right out of the box. No wrestling with hard-to-reach connections or puzzling over missing pieces.

The quick and painless setup is just one more reason I can feel good about recommending this faucet. Not only will you love its look and performance for years, but getting it running is a breeze too. Now that’s what I call a kitchen upgrade that’s easy to love!

Final verdict

While this Delta kitchen faucet may not be the newest faucet on the market, our Delta Westville Kitchen Faucet review found that it still holds its own as a top performer in 2024. After several years, the Westville continues to impress homeowners with its versatile functionality, durable construction, and attractive brushed nickel finish.

Customers appreciate Westville’s convenient pull-down wand and spray settings that make light work of any kitchen task. Its high-arching spout provides plenty of workspace under the faucet as well. And with Delta’s limited lifetime warranty backing it, you can feel confident this faucet will stand the test of time in your home.

Considering its reputation for quality and reliability, the Westville remains a smart choice that won’t require replacing anytime soon. And at its affordable price point, it offers fantastic value compared to newer Delta models. While those newer faucets have some enhanced features, the Westville covers all the basics any home chef needs.

So in summary, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense kitchen faucet that simply gets the job done year after year, our verdict is that the Delta Westville is absolutely still worth buying in 2024. Its performance, warranty, and affordability make it a top pick for your kitchen remodel budget. The Westville proves you don’t need the latest and greatest to get a great faucet.

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