KOHLER Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat Review

KOHLER Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

 Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom for improved comfort, cleanliness and luxury? The KOHLER elongated bidet toilet seat could be the solution. As someone who strives always to enhance my self-care routine, I was eager to test this innovative product.

Bidets are increasingly popular for their hygienic and health benefits compared to using dry toilet paper alone. Curious to experience the hype firsthand, I began a hands-on review of the KOHLER C3 155 model. With its elegant elongated design and customizable cleaning features, this high-tech seat seemed poised to take my bathroom to new levels of refreshment.

Over the following weeks, I put the KOHLER 8298-0 C3-155 bidet through its paces – getting to know its extensive settings, ease of use functions, and maintenance needs. In this review, I’ll share my experiences with the C3 155 and how it changed my perspective on bathroom hygiene. By the end, you’ll have an insider’s perspective on whether this elite bidet is right for your home, too.

Overview of KOHLER Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

KOHLER Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

Has you spent more time cooped up at homemade? You rethink the little things you do every day? I know I’ve been looking closer at simple tasks like laundry, cooking, and cleaning—searching for easy upgrades that make me feel a little more relaxed and pampered. I recently revamped my bathroom routine with a new Kohler bidet toilet seat that has seriously stepped up my hygiene and comfort levels.

For a long time, I resisted the idea of a bidet seat. Why mess with something that works fine as is? But after reading more about the health and environmental benefits, I was intrigued. Traditional toilet paper alone just doesn’t cut it when it comes to thorough cleansing. And it seems wasteful to use so much of it every day. A bidet uses a gentle stream of water for a more thorough cleaning and is much more eco-friendly.

I chose the Kohler Elongated bidet toilet seat because of its sleek, low-profile design that seamlessly fits my existing elongated toilet. Installation was a breeze—the quick-release buttons make removing and replacing the seat simple for quick cleaning. The soft-closing lid is a nice touch, preventing slamming that can wake the whole house. But the real magic is in the customizable features.

Controlling the water temperature and pressure with the side panel is a game-changer. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable blast of cold water! Kohler thoughtfully includes a heated seat, which is heavenly on those chilly mornings. The seat automatically shuts off after 20 minutes for energy savings, but it’s nice knowing it will be toasty when I return from a shower. The built-in night light is also handy for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

Of course, the main event is the warm water wash. Finding the right temperature, pressure, and position takes some adjustments, but is it worth it? The sensation of thoroughly cleaning with water is heavenly—I feel fresher and cleaner than with dry paper alone. My skin is so soft too! No more worrying about irritation or spending a fortune on toilet paper. The self-cleaning wand uses UV light to sanitize between uses, so you never have to touch it or worry about germs.

The control panel is straightforward to use with color-coded buttons. You can even adjust oscillation and pulse settings for customized cleaning. I was nervous the remote would be confusing, but it actually makes things easier. No more awkwardly groping blindly on the side of the toilet in the middle of the night! Knowing that the wand automatically retracts for maximum hygiene is also reassuring.

Between the heated seat and wash, this thing is the ultimate in bathroom comfort and convenience. I always feel fresh now without wasting money, time or trees on endless paper. The bidet is especially great when you’re not feeling 100%. The warm water soothingly takes care of business so you can get back to relaxing. Having total control from the remote while lounging makes the whole experience spa-like. 

Thanks to this Kohler bidet seat, my whole perspective on bathroom breaks has been upgraded. Now, it’s a moment of self-care rather than a chore. I’m no longer dreading those early mornings or late nights when nature calls. I’m sure once you experience the refreshing convenience of a bidet, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

What I like about KOHLER Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

Hygiene Awaits with the Kohler Quiet Close Bidet

As someone who takes both hygiene and home design seriously, I was delighted to test out Kohler’s latest intelligent toilet seat, the Quiet Close bidet. After my positive experience with their prior KOHLER Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat, I had high expectations that this innovative evolution would deliver just as promised. This high-tech seat certainly does not disappoint, raising the bar for elegant bathroom fixtures.

Right away, the subtle aesthetics impressed me. Available in classic white, the soft curves blend seamlessly with any décor. Its low-profile design fits most elongated toilets without looking oddly large or out of place. The illuminated control panel is tastefully incorporated and invisible until needed.

But beauty is only skin deep – true innovation lies beneath. Chief among upgrades is the hybrid heater, ensuring a constant supply of heated water for the most soothing experience. Gone are the days of temperature fluctuations! An industry-first, this thoughtfully engineered system heats water instantly on demand.

The adjustable control panel provides total customization. Adjust heat, pressure and positioning to pinpoint your ideal comfort level. Precise touch buttons are logically arranged and respond smoothly. Side mounting preserves plenty of space, keeping controls within intuitive reach, whether seated or standing.

My favourite new feature is the “quiet close” lid. Living in an apartment, noise control is essential. Previous bidet lids could shake the walls! This cushioned close mechanism silently lowers the top at a consistent, controlled pace – no more late-night slamming. Even with the addition of lighting and heating elements, Kohler masterfully engineered it to be ultra-quiet.

Speaking of lighting, the integrated LEDs are no mere afterthought. They cast a warm, inviting glow to illuminate without harshness. Positioned to avoid glare, their proximity sensor only activates when needed to preserve battery life. Charging via the included cable is accessible. Night lights in every room improve ambience and safety, especially appreciated with little ones or elderly families.  

As for performance, this bidet delivers the most thorough yet gentle cleansing. Dual wash modes target different needs – oscillating front spray for women while pulsating rear cleanses entirely for all genders. Adjustable pressure suited my preference without overspray. Heated water brought the experience to an unmatched level of comfort and care. Skin feels silky soft, never irritated.

After convenient one-person installation, this KOHLER Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat has seamlessly become an indispensable part of my routine. Its thoughtfulness extends far beyond mere function into self-care, relaxation and wellbeing. Now, bathroom visits are an indulgent escape rather than a chore. Hygiene is cared for, stress melts, and I feel renewed – all with grace and refinement befitting this beautiful fixture. For comfort, cleanliness and design perfection, the Quiet Close bidet sets a new industry standard that will be hard to top. Pure luxury awaits in your bathroom! Also, check Kohler kitchen faucets.

It’s comfort and Grip, and Overall Design

Have you ever felt like your bathroom could use a refresh? Maybe the toilet seat feels worn down, or you need to deal with uncomfortably cold surfaces in the winter. I was in the same boat – my bathroom was long overdue for an upgrade. That’s when I discovered the KOHLER 8298-0 C3-155 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat.

Let me tell you, installing this bidet toilet seat has wholly changed my bathroom experience for the better. Right out of the box, I was impressed by its sleek, modern design that perfectly matches the style of the rest of my bathroom. The elongated seat is super comfortable too – no more awkward shifting around trying to find the correct position!

But comfort is just the beginning – I really love how much more hygienic this bidet makes going to the bathroom. Instead of using reams of toilet paper, the integrated “washlet” provides a gentle stream of warm water to cleanse. There are multiple nozzle positions, too, so you can customize your spray where needed. Talk about refreshing!

The heated seat is another wonderful feature on chilly mornings. It has five temperature settings, so you can dial it into just the right warmth. I especially appreciate this in the winter since my bathroom can get downright frigid some mornings. The integrated deodorizer is excellent as well, keeping odours to a minimum.

Of course, a key concern when shopping for any bathroom product is reliability. After installing the KOHLER bidet a few months ago, I’m happy to report it’s been problem-free. The instructions made setup a breeze, too. Now, it seems crazy to think I went so long without this upgrade! Wiping with dry toilet paper suddenly seems so antiquated.

As you can probably tell, I’m singing this bidet toilet seat’s praises because it really has improved my day-to-day. The comfort, hygiene and simple convenience make it a worthwhile investment, in my opinion. Say goodbye to unpleasant bathroom experiences – it’s time to elevate your routine with a modern bidet like the KOHLER 8298-0 C3-155. Your hindquarters will thank you!

Staying Fresh and Germ-Free

As anyone with a bathroom knows, cleanliness is key to maintaining good hygiene. The KOHLER C3 155 elongated bidet toilet seat makes staying fresh effortless with some ingenious self-cleaning features.

The wand arm retracts smoothly for quick deep cleans between uses thanks to a quick-release hinge. A few light pulses of the self-clean button bathes everything in UV light, zapping away germs on all surfaces. Talk about simplistic sanitation!

Just use a soft, damp cloth or sponge for occasional thorough cleanings – no scrubbing necessary. The sleek design has no nooks or crannies for gunk to hide. However, never use abrasive scouring pads, as those could potentially damage delicate parts.

With these self-cleaning perks, bacteria and mould stand no chance. You can feel confident everything stays hygienic with just a light wipe-down now and then. Between the customizable sprays, heated seats, and sterilizing functions, this bidet makes going to the bathroom a genuinely refreshing experience from start to finish.

Hassle-Free Installation

KOHLER Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

Speed and simplicity were top priorities for installing my new bathroom buddy. The Kohler bidet is good with its quick-attach, tool-free setup.

Colour-matched plastic hinges and sturdy bolts ensure the seat locks firmly in place. Connecting the water supply and power lines follows similar plug-and-play ease. All necessary connectors and hoses conveniently arrive pre-attached.

Mine was up and running within an hour – hardly breaking a sweat! Access to a nearby 120V outlet on a GFCI circuit is only required to avoid shocks. Install photos in the manual provider reassurance that even DIY newbies like me couldn’t mess it up.

Unlike some bidets requiring complex plumbing or electrical work, KOHLER treats you to a stress-free experience. Attach, tighten, plug and play – then marvel at your pampered tush! Hassle-free installation means more time enjoying all the hygienic home comforts this luxury loo offers.


In the months since installing the KOHLER C3 155 elongated bidet toilet seat, it has become essential to my bathroom routine. The customizable cleanse, heated seat, warm air dry and self-cleaning functions all surpass my expectations for hygiene and comfort. I also appreciate its sleek, minimalist design that blends unassumingly into any bathroom aesthetic.

Overall, this bidet has been a worthwhile investment that saves money on toilet paper in the long run while pampering my tush along the way. I’m impressed by its thorough cleanse without harsh pressure, ease of use features, reliability and ability to withstand regular use by the entire family. While the initial cost is higher than a standard toilet seat, the health, environmental, and lifestyle benefits are more than the make up for it.

If you’re searching for a solution to step up your bathroom oasis, I wholeheartedly recommend the KOHLER C3 155 elongated bidet toilet seat. It has certainly raised the bar for my personal care standards. Bid farewell to bathroom drudgery – this is the luxury upgrade your rear end deserves.

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