Why Kohler Sous Faucet Demand is Increasing in 2024?

Kohler Sous faucet review

Over the past few years, kitchen faucets from Kohler have been gaining immense popularity among homeowners. Their sleek and modern designs combined with advanced water-saving technologies have made Kohler faucets a desirable choice. Among their various faucet lines, the Kohler sous faucet demand has seen a significant rise.

A sous faucet or pull-down faucet allows the faucet head to be pulled down and moved from the spout, making it very convenient to fill pots and pans on the countertop or in the sink. Kohler’s sous faucets offer this flexibility along with powerful spray modes and precise temperature control. They are also easier to use, cleaner, and take up less space compared to traditional faucets. No wonder more homeowners are appreciating the versatility and features of a Kohler sous faucet for their kitchen remodeling projects.

In this article, we discuss some key reasons behind the increasing demand for Kohler sous faucets in 2024 and share an honest review of their performance, design, and value.

How has Kohler Sous Faucet Become the Most Demandable for Kitchens?


The sleek and professional design of the Kohler Sous Faucet is perfectly suited for modern kitchens. With its tall resting height and slender base, it cuts an attractive figure while remaining practical. Made from durable materials, this faucet is built to last through years of daily use without showing signs of wear.

One of the standout design elements is the exposed coil design. Rather than hiding the mechanics, Kohler proudly displays the coil mechanism that powers the pull-down sprayer. This industrial aesthetic lends the faucet a sense of quality and reliability. It conveys that there is nothing to hide – the internal workings are robust and long-lasting.

For those concerned with ease of cleaning, the Kohler Sous Faucet deserves praise. Both the polished chrome and vibrant stainless steel finish options are highly resistant to mineral buildup and scratches from cookware and dishes. Homeowners can keep the faucet gleaming with just a quick wipe, no elbow grease is required. The easy-clean surface means this investment retains its good looks for many years.

Design-conscious consumers will appreciate that the Kohler Sous Faucet comes in two stylish finish options – polished chrome and stainless steel. This allows it to complement a variety of kitchen decors seamlessly. Stainless steel in particular is a popular choice, as it matches the modern appliances and fixtures commonly seen in kitchen remodels. With its timeless aesthetic, either finish will remain in fashion for decades.

While most pull-down faucets require holding the spray trigger continuously, the Kohler model is thoughtfully designed for convenience. With no lock position, homeowners can fill pots and wash dishes hands-free. This simple but effective design element saves the back and improves workflow in the busy kitchen environment. It demonstrates Kohler’s commitment to productivity-enhancing innovations.

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Easy to use

Convenience and usability were clearly top of mind for Kohler designers when crafting this kitchen faucet. The single-lever handle makes adjusting water temperature and flow a breeze. With just a twist or turn of the wrist, homeowners can precisely control the settings to suit any task. Whether filling a pot, washing dishes, or rinsing produce, the simple and intuitive design makes light work in the kitchen.

Rather than cluttering the faucet base with multiple knobs or handles, Kohler streamlined it to a single, ergonomic handle. This minimalist approach declutters the sink area while enhancing ease of use. With one smooth motion, users can switch between spray and stream functions without fuss. The single-lever design eliminates any confusion that sometimes plagues dual-handle faucets during hectic meal prep.

Kohler’s unique high-arch spout and exposed coil spring mechanism provide exceptional flexibility. The pull-down spray head detaches easily, extending the faucet’s reach deep into sinks, pots, and over countertops. Users enjoy a wide spray pattern and a generous range of motion to tackle any cleaning task. The coil spring also boasts smooth, controlled movement when retracting the spray head. This helps prevent splashing and ensures steady positioning.


Homeowners will appreciate the Kohler Sous Faucet’s versatile two-function sprayhead, controlled by an intuitive touch sensor. With the press of a finger, users can seamlessly switch the spray pattern between a powerful blade-like Sweep and a focused water stream. The specially angled Sweep nozzles generate a wide, forceful sweep of water perfect for tackling caked-on messes in sinks and on cookware. Meanwhile, the precision stream mode targets smaller areas for rinsing and delicate washing.

Underneath the sprayhead lies Kohler’s innovative MasterClean surface, designed for simple maintenance. The easy-to-clean material withstands mineral deposits and other buildups that can degrade spray performance over time. With a quick wipe, homeowners can keep their faucet spraying at full strength. And should any debris accumulate inside the nozzles, the spring-loaded sprayhead detaches effortlessly from the body with one hand. A quick rinse restores it to like-new condition.

Speaking of easy removal, the pull-down spray wand separates from its coil housing with equal convenience. This allows homeowners to thoroughly flush out any residue trapped inside the spring mechanism. Combined with the self-cleaning sprayface, the detachable components make light work of regular cleaning and preserve the faucet’s powerful spray long-term. Even with daily use preparing meals and tackling messes, a bit of light scrubbing keeps it spraying and gleaming as new.

A built-in soap/lotion dispenser adds an extra touch of convenience to the Kohler faucet. With a dedicated reservoir, homeowners can keep hand soap or lotion within easy reach for frequent kitchen handwashing. Ceramic disc valves renowned for durability provide further peace of mind through a lifetime of use. Splash-resistant and efficient, this faucet combines form and function without compromise.

Sprayhead is Kept in Secure

One aspect of the Kohler Sous Faucet’s design that enhances both usability and aesthetics is the magnetic docking arm. This ingenious piece serves the important dual purpose of securing the spray head in place while not in use and providing a tidy resting spot for storage.

Magnetism is the unseen force that smoothly and reliably guides the faucet tip back to its arm attachment each time. Users can retract the sprayhead with confidence, knowing the strong yet gentle magnetic pull will prevent any fumbling or missed connections that can lead to splashing. This ensures drip-free retraction for a mess-free experience.

The docking arm’s magnetic grip is so robust that the spray locks firmly in position, unable to be accidentally dislodged. However, the bond is not so overpowering that the sprayhead cannot be easily detached with a single hand for use. This balanced magnetic technology delivers purposeful functionality.

Aesthetically, the magnetic docking arm contributes to the faucet’s polished, professional appearance. Rather than leaving the faucet head dangling loosely or requiring it to be manually placed, the arm provides a sleek, built-in storage nook. This hidden compartment keeps the working components neatly tucked away out of sight when not in use.

Installation Process

Homeowners seeking an installation experience as simple and streamlined as the faucet’s design itself will find the Kohler Sous Pull-Down kitchen faucet a great choice. With just basic tools and a short 20-minute projected time, even novice DIYers can feel confident tackling the project.

Kohler provides invaluable resources to set up for success. A thorough, step-by-step manual paired with an instructional video guides users visually through each step. Helpful tips address various sink configurations to ensure a seamless fit. While additional hardware may be needed depending on the setup, the comprehensive guidance equips users to problem-solve independently.

Installation benefits from the faucet’s direct-connect water lines and flexible hoses. Rather than complex plumbing, users simply attach the ready-made hoses to existing supply stops – no soldering, pipe-cutting or extra parts required. This plug-and-play design streamlines the hookup process.

Within minutes, our tester had the faucet mounted to the sink and connected to water lines. Impressively, it was their first faucet swap ever completed. The intuitive design and detailed instructions eliminated confusion, saving both time and hassle.

Homeowners will appreciate Kohler’s commitment to hassle-free installation. With the right resources and direct-connect design, anyone can feel confident completing this small upgrade. The simple process ensures this quality faucet is both affordable and accessible for all skill levels to enjoy for years to come.

My Verdict

After putting the Kohler Sous Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet to the test, I can confidently say it has earned a place in my own home. This single handle sink faucet exudes quality from its sturdy construction to thoughtful design details. While its price tag is certainly steep, but we see the following things the price may not seem high.

The fit and finish of the Kohler saus faucet are on par with those found in high-end commercial kitchens. Its tall, slender profile and exposed coil spring lend an air of sophistication to any space. Both the polished chrome and stainless steel finishes complement both traditional and modern aesthetics beautifully. After many months of daily use, mine still looks as good as new.

Functionally, this pull-down kitchen sink faucet delivers powerful performance for any kitchen task. The pull-down spray head detaches with a satisfyingly smooth motion, extending reach with ease. Also, its magnetic docking ensures perfect retraction with no fumbling. Between the forceful Sweep spray and precise stream modes, nothing is out of reach of a thorough clean. Its flexibility has truly changed how I approach cooking and cleaning.

Installation was impressively simple, thanks to intuitive connections and comprehensive instructions. Setup took barely 20 minutes, even for a faucet newbie like myself. I can easily see the Kohler single handle high arc faucet becoming a lifelong kitchen partner, outlasting lesser models several times over.

While a splurge, the Kohler Sous sink faucet has absolutely earned its keep in my estimation. Its quality construction, thoughtful design, and effortless functionality make this a sound investment for the life of any kitchen remodel. I wholeheartedly recommend it for both style-conscious homeowners and serious foodies alike.

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