The Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation In-depth Review of 2023

Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation review

Welcome to the enchanting realm of kitchen design, where the perfect blend of functionality and style comes to life. Standing tall as a true symbol of excellence, the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation reigns supreme. As the beating heart of every kitchen, the sink plays an indispensable role in our daily culinary endeavors. However, the Kore Workstation by Kraus takes the concept of a sink to unprecedented heights, redefining the very essence of a kitchen workstation.

Join us on an exhilarating journey as we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of Kraus Kore sinks. This Kraus Kore workstation reviews will explore the extraordinary features and benefits that make this kitchen sink truly remarkable. From its flawless fusion of style and functionality to its revolutionary accessories, prepare to embark on a voyage of culinary excellence and witness the transformative power of the Kraus Kore Workstation 33 by Kraus.

About Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation

Designed to revolutionize your kitchen experience, the Kraus Kore Workstation is a masterpiece of innovation, combining sleek aesthetics with intelligent functionality. It transcends the conventional notion of a sink, offering an all-in-one culinary hub that caters to the needs of modern home chefs.

Crafted with precision and built to last, this workstation sink is constructed from durable 16-gauge stainless steel. Say goodbye to concerns about scratches or dents, as the KWU110-32 is designed to withstand the rigors of daily kitchen use while maintaining its pristine appearance.

One of the standout features of the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation is its integrated ledge system. This ingenious design element allows you to transform your sink into a versatile workspace in an instant. With custom accessories that fit seamlessly into the ledge, you can effortlessly chop, slice, and prep ingredients without cluttering your countertops.

Not only does the Kraus KWU110-32 prioritize functionality, but it also embraces the art of modern design. Its minimalist aesthetics and clean lines add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen style. Whether your kitchen follows a contemporary or traditional theme, this workstation sink seamlessly blends in, becoming a focal point of admiration.

Beyond its elegant appearance, the Kraus Kore offers practical features that enhance your overall kitchen experience. You can enjoy a peaceful culinary environment with a soundproofing system to minimize noise and vibrations. The sink also includes a protective stainless steel grid and a drain assembly, making maintenance a breeze.

Embrace the extraordinary and immerse yourself in the world of the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation by Kraus. Get ready to create, inspire, and redefine culinary excellence with a sink that truly stands out from the crowd. So let’s take a deep glance at its features which we liked very much.

A Deep Glance at the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation

Experience the Luxury of a Huge Sink with Deep Space

Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation

The Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation Sink offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. This high-quality sink is designed to revolutionize your meal preparation and cleanup routines while optimizing your valuable counter space. Let’s explore the impressive features that set this sink apart.

Measuring 32 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 10 inches in depth, the KWU110-32 provides ample room for washing even the largest kitchen vessels. Its generous size allows you to clean multiple items simultaneously, saving you time and effort. To ensure proper installation and stability, this sink requires a minimum cabinet size of 36 inches.

One of the standout features of the Kraus KWU110-32 is its integrated ledge design. This unique feature allows you to effortlessly slide custom accessories across the sink, creating a well-organized and convenient workspace. Cutting boards, colanders, and other accessories can be placed directly on top of the sink, freeing up your kitchen counter and maximizing the available area.

The deep basin of the Kraus Kore undermount Workstation kitchen Sink offers numerous benefits for your kitchen tasks. With its substantial depth, you can conveniently soak and wash large pots, pans, and utensils. Furthermore, the deep basin helps to prevent water splashing, ensuring that your surrounding countertop stays dry.

In terms of design, the KWU110-32 boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements various kitchen styles. Its clean lines and smooth finish contribute to an overall sophisticated look, making it a visually appealing addition to your kitchen.

Now let’s delve into the impressive functionality of the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation Sink. Designed as a single-bowl sink, it provides an optimal workspace for a range of kitchen tasks. The deep basin, with its tight-radius corners and offset drain, creates an uninterrupted and efficient workspace, especially when dealing with large cookware like stock pots and baking sheets.

The generous size of the Kraus KWU110-32’s deep basin ensures ample space for accommodating large cookware items, minimizing splashing during use. This spacious design proves particularly advantageous when washing or soaking bulky items that may not fit easily in smaller sinks.

The tight-radius corners of the sink offer multiple benefits. They make cleaning and maintenance a breeze by minimizing the accumulation of debris, allowing for efficient wiping and rinsing. Additionally, the smooth transitions in the corners contribute to a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Another practical feature of the Kraus Kore sink KWU110-32 is the offset drain placement. By positioning the drain slightly to the side, it creates more usable space within the sink, allowing you to maximize the area for washing, soaking, or drying dishes. This design choice also enables stacking larger items or using sink accessories without obstructing the drain.

In addition to its spacious single-bowl design and thoughtful features, the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation Sink often comes with accessories that further enhance its functionality. These accessories can include a removable stainless steel drying rack, a stainless steel bottom grid for protecting the sink’s surface, and a drain cover or strainer to prevent debris from clogging the plumbing system.

Unshakeable and Whisper-quiet

Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation

The Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation is a remarkable sink designed with several high-quality features that enhance its durability, functionality, and overall performance.

One of the key aspects of this sink is its construction using heavy-duty 16 gauge stainless steel, which is the thickest stainless steel available on the market. This robust material ensures that the sink is highly resistant to corrosion and dents, making it capable of withstanding heavy daily use and maintaining its structural integrity over time. The use of this thick gauge steel also adds to the sink’s longevity, as it can endure the rigors of a busy kitchen environment without succumbing to wear and tear.

Additionally, the Kraus KWU110-32 kitchen sink boasts a rust-resistant finish. This finish not only provides an attractive appearance but also serves a practical purpose. It prevents the sink from rusting, ensuring that it remains in optimal condition for an extended period. This feature is particularly valuable in a sink, as it is constantly exposed to water and moisture.

The sink’s stainless steel bottom grid is another noteworthy feature that enhances its functionality. This grid serves as a protective barrier, safeguarding the sink surface from scratches and dents that can occur when dishes and utensils are placed or moved around. Furthermore, the grid keeps the dishes elevated, allowing for optimal draining and preventing them from sitting in standing water, which can lead to water spots and potential damage.

Moreover, the Kraus Kore Workstation is fully insulated with proprietary Noisedefend soundproofing technology. This soundproofing system is designed to minimize noise and vibration when the sink is in use. It consists of extra-thick pads and a protective undercoating that effectively absorbs sound and reduces the clattering and echoing that often accompanies sink activities. By employing this soundproofing technology, the sink provides a quieter and more pleasant kitchen environment, enhancing the overall experience for the user.

The Art of Effortless Draining

Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation

The Kraus KWU110-32 kitchen sink is a high-quality kitchen sink that has been specifically engineered with an emphasis on easy draining. It incorporates several features designed to ensure efficient water drainage and prevent water from pooling in the sink.

One notable feature of the Kraus Kore sink Workstation undermount stainless steel is its off-set drain. The drain is strategically positioned to one side of the sink rather than being centrally located. This design choice allows for better utilization of the sink space and makes it easier to drain water efficiently. By placing the drain off to the side, the sink provides a larger uninterrupted surface area for washing and food preparation, while still allowing water to flow directly into the drain.

In addition to the off-set drain, the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore sink also features a gently sloped bottom. The bottom of the sink is engineered to have a subtle incline, ensuring that water naturally flows towards the drain. This design promotes efficient draining by minimizing the risk of water pooling or stagnant water areas within the sink.

Furthermore, the sink incorporates channel grooves. These grooves are strategically placed along the bottom of the sink and serve to guide water towards the drain. The grooves act as pathways for water to follow, preventing water from accumulating in specific areas of the sink and promoting consistent drainage.

By combining these features—off-set drain, gently sloped bottom, and channel grooves—the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation aims to provide a highly functional and user-friendly kitchen sink. These design elements not only facilitate efficient draining but also help in maintaining a clean and hygienic sink by preventing water from stagnating, which can lead to unpleasant odors and bacterial growth.


  • It comes multiple sizes that gives flexibility to choose anyone accodring to kitchen size
  • Sturdy body with stainfree technology increase its life
  • Most users are happy with its performance
  • Easy to drain
  • Environment friendly design


I didn’t see any cons to mention it

Final Verdict

The Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation stands as a game-changer in the world of kitchen fixtures. With its innovative design and multifunctional features, this workstation offers a comprehensive solution for maximizing efficiency and style in your kitchen.

From its durable construction to its versatile accessories, the KWU110-32 Kore Workstation provides a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re an aspiring home chef or a seasoned culinary enthusiast, this workstation is sure to elevate your cooking experience to new heights.

Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to a streamlined and organized workspace. In conclusion, the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation is a must-have for anyone looking to transform their kitchen into a culinary haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dimensions of the Kraus Kore Workstation?

A: The Kraus Kore Workstation offers a range of dimensions to accommodate various kitchen setups, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Here are some sizes:

  • For compact spaces, the Kraus KWU111-17 provides a sleek 17-inch workstation.
  • If you prefer a slightly larger option, the Kraus KWU111-21 offers a comfortable 21-inch workstation.
  • Those seeking more space can opt for the Kraus KWU111-23, which provides a generous 23 inches of workspace.
  • The Kraus KWU110-27 introduces a spacious 27-inch workstation, offering ample room for your culinary endeavors.
  • If you desire even more surface area, the Kraus KWU110-28 presents a versatile 28-inch Kore Workstation.
  • For those who appreciate a wider sink, the Kraus KWU110-30 showcases a 30-inch Kore sink with an integrated workstation.
  • The Kraus KWU112-33 offers a roomy 33-inch Kore Workstation, providing abundant space for all your kitchen tasks.
  • If you require an expansive workspace, the Kraus KWU110-36 presents a substantial 36-inch Kore Workstation to cater to your needs.
  • The innovative Kore 2-Tier Workstation is also available in two sizes: the Kraus KWU120-45 and the Kraus KWU210-57, providing multiple levels of functionality and organization.

These various dimensions ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen, allowing you to maximize efficiency and productivity while enjoying the outstanding quality of the Kraus Kore Workstation.

Q: Does the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation come with accessories?

Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation

A: Absolutely! When you purchase the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation, you can expect to receive a range of high-quality accessories that are included to enhance the functionality of your workstation.

One of the included accessories is the versatile Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack. Crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel coated with 100% food-safe silicone, this rack allows you to conveniently wash produce, drip-dry dishes, and even safeguard your kitchen counters from hot cookware. Plus, its clever design allows it to roll up easily, ensuring hassle-free storage in any kitchen cabinet.

Another valuable accessory is the Solid Bamboo Cutting Board. Made from naturally non-porous bamboo, this cutting board is not only sturdy and durable but also highly resistant to cracking or warping. Its generous size provides ample space for chopping, slicing, and dicing right over the sink, offering you a convenient and hygienic workspace.

To protect the bottom of your sink from scratches and dents while also promoting better draining, the Kraus Kore Workstation includes a Stainless Steel Grid and Strainer. The bottom grid features soft bumpers, ensuring the longevity of your sink, while the stainless steel strainer effectively keeps the drainpipe free of debris.

Furthermore, the Kraus Kore KWU110-32 Workstation comes with a Cappro Drain Cover. This drain cover not only conceals the drain assembly and garbage disposal for a seamless look but also features open sides that facilitate easy water drainage. It is designed to fit over most garbage disposals, adding to the overall convenience of your kitchen setup.

Q: Can I install the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation in my existing kitchen?

A: Yes, the Kraus Kore Workstation is designed to be installed on standard kitchen countertops. It can be retrofitted into most kitchens during renovations or incorporated into new kitchen designs.

Q: Does the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation require professional installation?

A: While professional installation is not always required, it is recommended to ensure proper installation and functionality. However, if you have experience with plumbing and countertop installation, you may be able to install it yourself.

Q: Can I use the Kraus Kore Workstation for heavy-duty cooking tasks?

A: Yes, the Kraus Kore Workstation is designed to withstand heavy use and is suitable for various cooking tasks. Its durable construction and integrated accessories make it a practical choice for home chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

Q: Does the Kraus KWU110-32 Kore Workstation come with a warranty?

A: Yes, Kraus offers a limited lifetime warranty for their Kore Workstations. The specific terms and conditions may vary, so it’s advisable to review the warranty details provided by the manufacturer.

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