Moen Vs Kohler Kitchen Faucets – Which one Should Buy for Kitchen?  

moen vs kohler kitchen faucet

When it comes to providing quality kitchen fixtures, Moen and Kohler are two popular names in the plumbing industry. Both companies make high and premium quality kitchen accessories, but some differences factors make their products stand out. It is hard to select anyone without investigation. At the end of this blog post, we definitely will find our favorite. Choosing the right kitchen accessories for your home can be a daunting task, but you’ll find it easier to decide between the two after reading this blog post.

Both companies offer their own pros and cons that you should consider when choosing the one that best suits your needs. So let’s dive into the world of high-end bathroom accessories, starting with Moen!

what is the background behind Moen?

 Moen focuses on faucets only, not alternative plumbing merchandise. The corporate has been producing high-quality faucets for a decade now.

Moen got its name within the market by providing its customers with products that have superior quality, sleek design, innovative technology, and cheap rates at an equivalent time.

You’ll select from a large sort of Moen faucet technologies, designs, styles, and much more. You’ll even get hi-tech automatic water flow fixtures equipped with Moen’s sensing element technology.

What is the background behind Kohler?

Kohler is the oldest and also the largest plumbing company within the world. Based by John archangel Kohler in 1873, Kohler offers a good variety of plumbing fixtures, from standard taps to room sinks and showers to tubs.

Being in business for nearly 100 and fifty years, Kohler is beyond question a trade giant.

They need to attain an unmatched name in the market. Kohler is thought for its high-quality products, innovative technology, and durability.

Kohler offers a wide range of faucets and fixtures that add vogue and class to your toilet and kitchen. So, if you are trying to find sturdy and top-grade products, you can’t get it wrong with one among these high-rated Kohler faucets.

Moen Vs Kohler What are the differences Between both Brands?

Moen and Kohler are each respected names within the plumbing business and provide superior quality products. However, there are some variations between the 2 wholes.

Kohler has been in the industry for over one hundred forty years. it’s a previous company that has earned a decent reputation.

Kohler manufactures taps, sinks, tubs, and showers. whereas Moen may be a newer brand than Kohler, it’s gotten quite a following because of its stunning and trendy designs.

Moen company focuses solely on kitchen and bathroom faucets and offers varied stylish and innovative faucet designs.

On the opposite hand, Kohler offers a large variety of plumbing products, as well as sink taps, showers, tubs, and more. So, if you’re trying to find a whole plumbing solution, Kohler would be a higher option.

Another main distinction once you have Moen vs. Kohler faucets is the quality. Kohler offers high-quality products that are created to last for a protracted time. this provides you a better price for your cash as you get to avoid wasting on replacement costs. On the other hand, Moen offers sleek styles that make your room or lavatory appealing; however, you need to pay a lot of to urge sturdy nonetheless fashionable Moen faucets.

Moen Vs. Kohler Kitchen Faucets Comparison

 If you’re within the marketplace for a {brand new} kitchen faucet, you’re most likely speculative about that brand to choose.

Possibilities are, it’ll boil all the way down to Moen vs. Kohler. Here’s a comparison of the 2 brands to assist you decide. These are two of the highest faucet brands we have a tendency to recommend.

Product for pretty much a century and a half, Kohler has been creating plumbing accessories for homes and businesses. They need a large vary of products, from faucets to sinks and showers with varied spray patterns.

Moen might not be as tested as Kohler once it involves plumbing, however they’re still trade veterans. Being within the plumbing business for many decades, Moen is aware of what its customers want. in contrast to Kohler, Moen’s primary focus has been produced on the faucets category. However, they need recently started giving showerheads and lights as well.

If you would like a high-quality faucet, you’ll be able to browse the choice of either of those industry leaders. you’ll be able to select from their large selection of exquisite designs, just like the touchless, regular, widespread, center set, pull-down faucets, and plenty of more.

You’ll be able to choose a design, style, or technology in step with your preference from either of those brands. Winner: Kohler

Moen and Kohler Kitchen Faucet’s Style

Each Moen and Kohler taps offer trendy styles that add magnificence to your room or bathroom. These faucets are out there in enticing shapes, colors, accents, and finishes. unneeded to say, you’re bound to notice a product that might complement your home decor.

Kohler conjointly has some nice designs to supply that would certainly add a sublime bit to your home décor. though Kohler usually offers ancient taps and fixtures for your room and bathroom, they even have a variety of modern} regulator styles.

You’ll be able to choose no matter suits your vogue the best. At Moen, you can select from a range of styles, from modern to transmutation or traditional. Their product feature a classic style that matches well in traditional kitchens.

Alternatively, you can select their stylish and modern designs that suit contemporary kitchens and washrooms. Moen offers a nice performance in addition to a classy look.


Finishes are an awfully necessary feature to think about once selecting a faucet.

The faucet’s end has to be incorrect with the general tone of your kitchen or bathroom; otherwise, it might stand out as sort of a sore thumb.

The finish additionally helps extend the lifetime of the fixture by protecting it from corrosion, scratches and wear and tear.

Kohler offers a spread of finishes for your shower doors, bathroom, and kitchen faucets, and accessories fabricated from wood.

Polished chrome, brushed nickel, black matte, spot-resist unblemished steel, and oil-rubbed bronze are some finishes accessible at Kohler.

Moen offers numerous sorts of finishes to settle on, like oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, unblemished steel, matte black, or brown. The foremost fashionable restroom finishes are spot-resist stainless, matte black, chrome, brushed gold, nickel, and brass. Moen’s spot-resist taps are a large hit as they’re fully tarnish-free. So, you’ve got choices upon options to choose from once it involves finishes.


Before shopping for a regulator, one crucial half that you just ought to contemplate is its spray patterns. you would like a faucet or spray head that might give you versatility, convenience, and augmented efficiency.

Each firm has totally different spray pattern technologies, that create their faucets different from every other. Kohler’s taps have boost, sweep, ring spray, and berry soft spray patterns.

These regulators have angular nozzles that increase the water flow and forcefully spray it in all told directions.

So, if you’re in the mood for a faucet with a wonderful spray head, you’ll be able to choose between their wide selection.

Kohler additionally supplies a touchless technology that senses once your hand is close to and activates the water. Moen’s faucets offer power clean, boosted spray.


regulator style is significant once choosing one for your home. You wish for a product that appears nice in your bathroom or kitchen and adds to the decor.

Each Kohler and Moen feature sleek, fashionable styles within their products. However, Kohler has ancient selections too.

Kohler focuses on sturdiness and functionality, so their designs are for semipermanent use. Their fixtures are well-built and sturdy.

That’s to not say their accessories are an eyesore. Kohler has been in the trade for therefore long; they’re innovators not simply in quality but beauty as well.

On the opposite hand, Moen styles their taps with performance and magnificence in mind.

Moen is additionally targeted on the aesthetics of their products, and they aim to form them appealing to the eyes with fascinating designs. though Kohler has an intensive collection, Moen scores higher once it involves design.


Value Another important issue that folks think about whereas shopping for a regulator is the cost of the product.

you ought to opt for a faucet that matches your budget but provides you with sturdiness and quality.

Kohler is more on the expensive side, perhaps as a result of they’ve been in business for an extended time, and that they have a decent reputation.

Their taps are meant to last long and are less liable to malfunctions. Kohler’s kitchen faucets are often serious for your pocket as their beginning worth is around $160, and it goes as high as $1000 surely high-end fixtures. On the opposite hand, Moen doesn’t charge as much.

Even supposing they’re a more modern whole compared to Kohler, they need to garner quite a little bit of fan following thanks to their appealing designs.

Their faucet costs begin from $70 and go up to $1300, betting on the end and style you choose.

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