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Kohler Tournant Faucet

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen faucet, you may want to consider the Kohler Tournant faucet. This popular faucet offers a number of features that can enhance your kitchen experience. In this expert review, we’ll take a closer look at what the Kohler Tournant faucet has to offer and how it can benefit you.

FinishVibrant stainless
Installation TypeDeck Mounted
Maximum Flow Rate1.5 Gallons Per Minute
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎10 x 4.88 x 24.56 inches
Faucet Height9.5 Inches
Spout Reach10 Inches
Item Weight

Design and Construction

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

The Kohler Tournant faucet is a premium kitchen faucet that is designed to provide both elegant styling and professional performance. Kohler is a well-known and respected brand in the plumbing industry, known for producing high-quality products that are both durable and stylish.

Design: The Tournant faucet features a sleek and modern design that will complement a variety of kitchen styles. It has a high-arch spout that provides ample clearance for large pots and pans, making it easy to wash dishes and prepare food. This commercial kitchen faucet is available in several finishes, including polished chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze, giving homeowners the option to choose the finish that best matches their kitchen decor.

I have reviewed several faucets, the designe of this model is similar to Kraus Bolden, Kohler Purist, Kohler Sous, Delta Theodora and Moen Align. So if you like this style there more options for you.

Construction: The Kohler Tournant faucet is built to last, with a construction that is designed to withstand heavy use. The faucet is made of durable materials, including brass and zinc, which ensure its longevity. Brass is a popular choice for plumbing fixtures because it is corrosion-resistant and has excellent durability. Zinc is used as an alloy in the faucet to provide additional strength and resistance to wear and tear.

In addition to its sturdy construction, this pull down spray faucet features ceramic disc valves that are designed to last longer than traditional rubber valves. Ceramic discs are harder and more durable than rubber, making them less likely to wear out and leak over time. The faucet also has a high-quality aerator that helps to reduce water usage while maintaining strong water pressure.

Spray Options

Overall Rating: 10/10

The Kohler kitchen faucet features a unique three-function sprayhead that offers versatile options for tackling different kitchen tasks. The sprayhead is designed with Kohler’s innovative technology to provide superior performance and convenience in the kitchen.

Sweep® Spray: The first function of the Kohler Tournant faucet’s sprayhead is the Sweep® Spray. This function creates a wide, powerful blade of water that is ideal for tackling tough cleaning tasks. The forceful spray helps to clear away stubborn food residues, making it easy to clean pots, pans, and dishes. The Sweep® Spray is also useful for cleaning the sink itself, removing any debris or food particles that may have accumulated.

BerrySoft® Spray: The second function of sink faucet’s sprayhead is the BerrySoft® spray. This function produces a gentle spray that is perfect for rinsing delicate dishware, washing hands, and preparing fruits and vegetables. The light spray is ideal for tasks that require a softer touch, such as rinsing fragile glassware or washing fresh produce. The BerrySoft® spray is also great for washing hands, providing a gentle and soothing experience.

Aerated Stream: The third function of the Kohler Tournant faucet’s sprayhead is the aerated stream. This function produces a steady stream of water that is perfect for filling pots and pans. The aerated stream helps to prevent splashing, making it easy to fill large containers without making a mess. The stream also provides a strong and consistent flow of water, making it ideal for ta.sks that require a steady flow, such as washing dishes or rinsing vegetables.

Easy to Use

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

The Kohler Tournant semi professional faucet is designed to be user-friendly and convenient for homeowners. The single lever handle is an intuitive control system that makes it easy to adjust the water flow and temperature to your desired level. The ergonomic design of the handle ensures that it’s comfortable to use, even when you’re washing dishes for an extended period.

In addition, the Kohler Tournant high arc faucet incorporates DockNetik technology, which uses magnets to keep the spray head securely in place when not in use. This feature ensures that the spray head remains in place and doesn’t droop over time, which can be a common issue with other kitchen faucets.

The DockNetik technology uses a magnetic system that keeps the spray head in place by using a magnetic force. When you need to use the spray head, you simply pull it out of the docking station, and the magnet releases the head. When you’re finished using the spray head, the magnet pulls the head back into place, securing it to the docking station.

The magnets used in DockNetik technology are powerful and durable, ensuring that the spray head stays in place and doesn’t loosen over time. This technology also eliminates the need for additional clips or attachments to hold the spray head in place, making it easier to install and use the faucet. You can see video for more satisfication.

Easy to Clean

Overall Rating: 10/10

The Kohler Tournant faucet is a high-end kitchen faucet that boasts several impressive features, including the MasterClean™ sprayface and a high-arch gooseneck swing spout with 360° spout rotation.

The MasterClean™ sprayface is a patented technology developed by Kohler that helps to prevent mineral buildup on the faucet’s surface. This is especially important in areas with hard water, where mineral deposits can quickly accumulate and cause damage to the faucet’s finish. The MasterClean™ sprayface is designed with flexible nozzles that allow you to easily wipe away any mineral buildup with a damp cloth, ensuring that your faucet stays looking clean and new for years to come.

In addition to the MasterClean™ sprayface, the Kohler Tournant faucet also features a high-arch gooseneck swing spout. This design provides superior clearance for filling large pots and pans, as well as for cleaning dishes and other kitchen items. The spout can be rotated 360°, allowing you to easily direct the flow of water wherever you need it.


Overall Rating: 9.8/10

IThe Kohler Tournant faucet is a popular choice among homeowners and professionals alike due to its sleek design, ease of use, and innovative installation system. This faucet is designed to fit a variety of sink configurations, making it a versatile choice for any kitchen or bathroom.

Before installing this brass kitchen faucet, it’s important to gather all the necessary tools and materials. You must have a Teflon tape, wrench, pliers, and a basin wrench. You’ll also need to shut off the water supply to your sink and remove the old faucet, if necessary.

When you take all needy thing. First, attach the mounting plate to the sink using the provided screws. Then, attach the faucet body to the mounting plate and tighten it securely using the basin wrench.

Next, connect the flexible supply lines to the faucet body and the hot and cold water valves. Finally, turn on the water supply and test the faucet to ensure it’s working properly.

If you’re not comfortable installing the Kohler Tournant faucet yourself, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional plumber. They can ensure that the faucet is installed correctly and prevent any potential issues, such as leaks or damage to your sink.

In addition to its easy installation process, the Kohler Tournant faucet also features a variety of innovative design elements. This includes a pull-down spray head that allows for easy cleaning and rinsing, as well as a high-arch spout that provides ample clearance for larger pots and pans.


Overall Rating: 9.5/10

The Kohler Tournant faucet is priced in the mid to high range compared to other kitchen faucets on the market. The actual price of the faucet may vary depending on the finish you choose. The finishes include polished chrome, vibrant stainless, and oil-rubbed bronze.

The mid to high price range for this Kohler faucet is reasonable given its high-quality construction, durability, and features. Kohler is a well-respected brand known for producing high-end plumbing fixtures, and the Tournant faucet is no exception.

The faucet is constructed with premium materials, such as solid brass, which ensures its durability and longevity. The ceramic disc valves used in the faucet also contribute to its durability, as they are known for lasting longer than other types of valves.

This best kitchen faucet also offers a range of features, such as the DockNetik technology and the single lever handle, which make it user-friendly and convenient. These features also contribute to the value of the faucet, as they eliminate the need for additional accessories and make it easier to use.

While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, it’s important to consider the overall value it provides. The high-quality construction, durability, and features of the faucet make it a worthwhile investment for homeowners who want a reliable and long-lasting kitchen faucet.

The Kohler Tournant faucet is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen faucet. Its sleek design, durable construction, and versatile spray options make it a standout choice. Plus, its easy installation and reasonable price point make it accessible to a wide range of homeowners.

To be honest, if you need a high quality faucet for you kitchen, so i highly recommed to buy this model. If you have budget issue, then Kraus Bolden is perfect option to buy.

Another option is for you to check our top best kitchen faucet under $100.

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