Single Bowl Sink vs Double Bowl Sink – Which One is Best?

single bowl sink vs double bowl sink

The kitchen sink is an essential part of your home, especially considering that the kitchen is often thought of as the heart of a home. Many kitchens are busy places, buzzing with activity throughout the day as people come and go. Whether you’re preparing a meal or washing dishes, there’s a good chance you’ll need to use the kitchen sink at some point.

So when you’re remodeling your kitchen (or starting from scratch), you may be weighing the merits of each option. A double sink may be a better option for some people, while a single sink may be a better option for others. Here’s a question arises Single Bowl Sink vs Double Bowl Sink – which is ideal for kitchens.

If you’re stuck between the two, we’re here to help!

Single Bowl Sink vs Double Bowl Sink

Before Choosing the best sink for your kitchen, whether single or double, there are a few things to consider. Each option has its ups and downs that can help you narrow down the ideal choice for your kitchen.

Single Bowl Sink

Single bowl kitchen sinks come in a variety of configurations, but one of the most popular options on the market today is the single sink.

With a single large bowl, these sinks are a solid choice. Single bowl sinks tend to be quite large, although there are plenty of smaller options.

They’re often the ideal choice for small, compact kitchens that don’t have enough space for more than one bowl. Small single bowl sinks can be deeper than usual, which compensates for their small size. That’s why many people liek to buy single bowl kitchen sinks.

Current design trends favor single-bowl sinks that add contemporary and minimalist accents to the space.

In addition to being attractive to look at, single bowl sinks are practical because of their size. Large, deep, single-bowl sinks are ideal for washing larger dishes, as there is enough room to submerge all the dishes.

For example you may see Kohler Task single bowl sink or Kraus Kore single bowl kitchen sink. Both sinks are designed with large size bowl that look very attractive and give flexilibity to users.

Pros and Cons

Before you settle for a decide on a different sink, there is no harm in weighing the pros and cons of runner-up and your first choice. If you’re unsure whether to go for a single or double bowl sink, consider the following:

  • May be easier to clean and maintain
  • Possibly cheaper to buy
  • Less expensive to install (single drain)
  • Makes washing large dishes easier
  • Various sizes available kitchen
  • Easy placement of the faucet
  • Expensive

Double Bowl kitchen sinks

While single sinks are an excellent choice, double sinks are the competition. These sinks are ideal for busy kitchens where you may not have time to wash dishes as soon as they come in. If you have a sink with only one bowl, piling all the dishes in the sink can prevent you from using the sink.

However, if you have a double sink, you can stack all the dishes in one sink and then leave the other side free for rinsing groceries, washing the required dishes, and anything else you might need.

In addition to the convenience of the double bowl design, these sinks often include additional accessories for efficient use.

For example, some dual bowl sinks have a rack that sits over the sink so you can drain items and dry dishes without spilling water all over the place.

Or some sinks will come with one Cutting board supplied Fits in the groove on the rim of the sink so you can wash up, chop and dispose of waste (if you have a garbage disposal) all in one place. This makes meal prep a lot easier as you can do everything without having to deal with the whole kitchen.

For example you can see Kraus Quarza kitchen sink which is a perfect double bowl sink in the market.

What is the point of a double sink?

Double sinks used to be standard. This is largely due to the lack of dishwashers in most kitchens, which only became widespread in the 1970s. Therefore, in order to wash efficiently, people used a double sink.

Often people used one sink for washing and the other for rinsing. The extra bowl gave people an easy and efficient way to wash dirty dishes without piling them up in the sink or overflowing the sink with water when rinsing.

Pros and Cons

As mentioned above, it doesn’t hurt to consider the pros and cons of their top picks. So as the debate between single and double bowl sinks continues, consider the following:


  • Great for busy kitchens
  • You can do less Use water and detergent to wash your hands
  • You can free up space on the worktop
  • It can be supplied with accessories for easier use (cutting board, draining rack, etc.)
  • Versatile, each sink can be used separately


  • Not ideal for small kitchens
  • Fewer installation options for faucets
  • Complicated when Washing large dishes
  • It requires more maintenance
  • It may more expensive for people

Single Bowl vs Dual Bowl Sink

While examining the pros and cons of each option will help you decide which option is best for your home, we think that it is easier to do a head-to-head comparison. So instead of jumping back and forth through every list of pros and cons, let’s look at these options head-on.

Usage and Configuration

We discussed the usage of each sink earlier when we examined each type individually. The general consensus here is that the double sink is ideal for busy kitchens, especially if you don’t have time to do the dishes to use the sink.

The double sink is ideal for soaking dishes as you can soak dishes with baked goods in one sink and use the other sink freely.

However, if you have a lot of large pots or pans, it can be difficult to wash them in a double sink. In this case, the single sink is the star of the show. Sure, some single-bowl sinks are small, but some are large enough to easily wash dishes. You should also consider how much water you will be using.

If you have a huge single bowl sink, you will need more water to fill the sink with enough water to wash the dishes. On the other hand, a double sink of the same size does not require the same amount of water since the sink is divided into two bowls. 


Single-bowl sinks tend to be easier to install compared to double sinks . While it ultimately depends on the type of sink you have (undermount, built-in, etc.), you need to connect the plumbing for a working sink.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you’ll have a little more work to do if you opt for a double sink. Why? The extra sink also has its own drain so you will need to connect the pipe to both drains and then connect them to the main drain line under the sink. The process can be a bit complicated if you’re unfamiliar with plumbing projects.

Of course you can outsource the project to a professional, but if you’re determined to do it yourself you might find it easier to install a single sink.

Counter Space

In tiny kitchens, each inch of counter area counts. It’s crucial to optimize what you need to the pleasant of your ability, which every now and then method the sink you want won’t work. Double-bowl sinks are excellent for small kitchens, even though now no longer best for tiny kitchens. 

The greater bowl permits you to area a drying rack over one of the sinks, saving counter area withinside the process. Of course, you may constantly put a drying rack over the basin of a unmarried-bowl sink, however your sink won’t be useful whilst the dishes dry. This probable won’t be a trouble in kitchens with a large unmarried-bowl sink.  That said, it doesn’t harm to hold this in thoughts as you
browse for the correct sink. 


Generally, double-bowl sinks have a tendency to be barely pricier than unmarried-bowl configurations. While that is difficulty to extrade primarily based totally on the length, material, and emblem of the sink, it’s miles quite steady for most. Forexample, a chrome steel double sink is normally extra high-priced than a stainless-steel unmarried-bowl sink, despite the fact that they’re made via way of means of the equal producer and are the equal length. 

For reference, let’s don’t forget a 33-inch sink. This is on the large quit of kitchen sinks, however we’ll use it as an example. A double-bowl undermount sink of this length normally charges $250 to $450 on average. On the different hand, a double bowl sink (equal length, additionally undermount) normally charges about $three hundred to $500 on average. 

In addition, set up has a tendency to be extra high-priced for a double sink than for a unmarried sink. This is in general because of the greater work required to attach the second one drain to the drainage line. 


Both kitchen sinks are top choice according to people needs, therefore, we can’t say single bowl is better than two bowl kitchen sinks. It’s all depend on users need because some homeowners have different task that why they need a double bowl and some have different usages that’s why they choose single bowl.

Also, both kinds have their own pros and cons which you have read out above. So, when you’re choosing the sink for kitchen first you need to know which may ideal for your kitchen. I mean measure your kitchen place where you want to fix the sink. If you have small place then you should choose only single bowl sink because it’ll be better for you.

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