Honest Review for Delta Junction Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

If you’re in the middle of planning a kitchen renovation, choosing the perfect kitchen faucet is an important decision. You want a style that fits your aesthetic vision while also delivering reliable performance for years to come. As someone who recently updated my own kitchen, I can share what drew me to the Delta Junction matte black kitchen faucet – and why an honest review is worthwhile for anyone considering this option.

In this honest review, I’ll break down my real-world experience with the Delta Junction faucet installation process, design features, water flow capabilities and overall value. My goal is to share an unbiased perspective on both the pros and cons to help you determine if this faucet is the right fit for your project. By the end, I hope you feel informed on what to expect from this matte black style and whether it aligns with your priorities.

Overview of Delta Junction Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

When it came to replacing my dated faucet, I had specific needs in mind. The new one needed a sleek, modern look to match my kitchen’s aesthetic. It also had to be versatile for all my cooking tasks while remaining easy to use day after day.

Most importantly, I didn’t want to compromise on quality or functionality for a lower price point. After thoroughly researching top-rated brands, the Delta Junction emerged as a potential standout choice.

This modern kitchen faucet is very different from Delta Keele faucet.

Why you should Buy Delta Junction Faucet

Design and Overall Look

Delta Junction Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Overall Rating: 10/10

I’ll be honest, those commercial kitchen faucets like Kraus Bolden, Kohler Purist, Delta Theodora, and Kraus Artecpro that take up half the sink have never been my style. Don’t get me wrong, some people really love that bouncy look. But for other people’s kitchens, they want something a little more unique.

That’s why I decided to go with this square-shaped Delta Junction black faucet. As soon as I saw its modern, matte black finish, I knew it would be the perfect change from all the typical round faucets out there.

Plus, the squared-off design just makes the most of the limited space in my sink. No worrying about it bumping into other things while you’re washing dishes. And with its swivel spout, you can easily direct the water wherever you need it.

Functionality-wise, it really delivers too. The pull-down sprayer extends far enough that you can reach every corner of the sink with ease. It even stretches over to your coffee maker so you don’t have to move a separate pitcher of water back and forth.

If you’re tired of your faucet getting in the way while you’re cooking or cleaning, then hear me out about this swivel spout model. The low arc design means it won’t block your view of the sink no matter which way you turn it.

But more than that, this faucet offers complete flexibility with its full 360-degree rotation. Need to fill a pot on the stove? No problem – just spin the spout right over. Washing a big casserole dish in the sink? Swivel it into position with ease.

And let’s not forget about the retractable hose. At a generous 20 inches, this pull-down sprayer gives you plenty of reach for any task. No more awkwardly leaning over the sink or missing spots because your faucet just won’t stretch far enough.

Whether you’re rinsing veggies, washing a whole roast chicken or giving your sink a good scrub, this fully flexible faucet has you covered from every angle.

Between its unique look and great performance, this modern sink faucet will totally change your kitchen for the better. The black square shape is exactly what you want to search for – hope this gives you some ideas too if you’re looking to switch things up!

A Perfect Water Spray

Delta Junction Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Overall Rating: 9.8/10

One thing I really appreciate about this faucet is the handy pull-out sprayer. It has two separate buttons so you can easily switch between a focused stream or a wider spray, depending on the task.

But what I really love is that whichever setting you choose will stay active even when you retract the hose. No more awkwardly switching back and forth mid-wash. Just pull it out, select your flow, and go – it will remember your preference until you change it.

Another nice feature I’ve found useful is the clear hot/cold indicator markings. No confusion over which side is which, even with wet hands. The braided poly supply lines feel durable yet flexible, making installation a breeze.

However, I noticed that this model is not equipped with Delta’s shield technology like other Delta kitchen faucets. If you like to check this technology, then check Delta Auburn, Delta Essa, Delta Leland, or Delta Trinic.

If you want a kitchen faucet that gives you options without compromising usability, I’d definitely recommend considering this versatile model. Its well-designed details like the dual spray settings and marking make all the difference in your daily routine.

Secure Sprayhead with MagnaTite Docking

Overall Rating: 10/10

One problem I used to have with other pull-down faucets is that no matter how many times I docked the sprayer, it seemed like gravity always won out and it would slowly start to droop over time. But not with this Delta Junction Matte Black Kitchen Faucet – it uses some clever magnetic technology to solve that issue.

Called MagnaTite Docking, it uses a powerful magnet in the base that smoothly and securely snaps the sprayer into place every time. You’ll not need to wrestling with a hose that refuses to stay locked in the up position. I’ve had this black sink faucet for months now and the sprayer looks and works like the day I installed it.

I can only assume black magic is involved, but however it works, I love not having to constantly adjust a drooping spray head. Just pull and release – the magnet takes care of the rest.

If a pull down sink faucet sprayer that reliably stays docked is important to you, this magnetic design is definitely worth considering for your kitchen overhaul. One less annoyance to deal with on a daily basis!

Easy to Clean

Delta Junction Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Overall Rating: 10/10

You know the struggle – no matter how careful you are, inevitably some hard water spots or mineral deposits build up in your faucet spray holes over time. And trying to scrub them clean is such a pain, right? You end up with dirty fingers and it still doesn’t seem fully resolved.

Well, rejoice because this Delta Junction matte black kitchen faucet has a nifty feature called Touch-Clean spray holes. Basically, it makes cleaning a total breeze. All you have to do is give the holes a quick wipe with your finger and – voila! – the gunk wipes away instantly.

No more soaking the head in vinegar or using abrasive cleaners that could possibly scratch the finish. Just a light swipe and it’s like new again. Trust me, once you experience how easy this Touch-Clean technology makes it, you’ll wonder why all faucets don’t have it.

If messy faucet cleaning has you pulling your hair out, do yourself a favor and upgrade to this no-fuss option. Say goodbye to mineral buildup forever – or at least until the next finger wipe!

Easy Installation

Overall Rating: 10/10

Another thing that I really appreciate about this Delta Junction matte black kitchen faucet is how simple it is to install. Whether you have a single-hole or three-hole configuration, everything you need comes conveniently packaged in one box.

The included braided supply lines connect with ease, and an optional deck plate is provided for three-hole setups. But really, even without that, the mounting hardware attaches securely with just a few hand tools.

Compared to some single handle kitchen faucets I’ve wrestled with in the past, this was a breeze. No extra trips to the hardware store for missing parts or multiple people needed to hold things in place. I was able to complete the whole process myself in under an hour start to finish.

If the thought of installing a new faucet sounds intimidating, let me ease your worries. This model practically installs itself. Everything is clearly labeled and fits together like a puzzle. So don’t hesitate – even DIY beginners can handle this one.

What Real Customers Say About This Modern Matte Black Kitchen Faucet?

After reading through dozens of verified reviews, it’s clear this Delta faucet has earned a loyal fan base with its sleek design and stellar performance. People rave about its contemporary square shape and matte black finish, saying it gives any kitchen a high-end updated look.

Performance-wise, customers are seriously impressed. The pull-down sprayer extends and retracts smoothly, making it a breeze to switch between the powerful stream and mist settings. And thanks to the full 360-degree swivel, it’s incredibly versatile for any task.

Durability also seems to be a strong suit, with many commenting on the overall solid construction. The single-handle lever operates buttery smooth after months of regular use. It’s clearly built to last through years of daily wear and tear in a busy kitchen.

Installing it is a cinch too. All the necessary parts come together neatly in one box so you can complete the job yourself in no time without any extra trips to the hardware store.

But perhaps the biggest praise is reserved for value – people agree this faucet is a total steal for the quality you’re getting. It’s modern style and dependable performance will have you wondering how it’s priced so affordably!

My Final Thoughts

In the end, I have to say the Delta Junction Matte Black Kitchen Faucet has absolutely exceeded my expectations. From its sleek good looks to flawless performance, it’s proven to be a worthwhile investment that enhances my kitchen experience on a daily basis.

While the upfront cost may seem higher than some other brands, I believe you truly get what you pay for with Delta. The solid construction and high-quality materials ensure it will continue operating smoothly years down the road – unlike cheaper alternatives that might start showing wear more quickly.

Also, if you’re living the area where hard water is a big problem, so this kitchen sink faucet is perfect for hard water.

When it comes to versatility, functionality, and overall ease of use, this faucet really delivers. Whether I need a powerful spray for scrubbing pots or a precise stream for filling my kettle, it performs every task with ease. And the ability to swivel it anywhere in my sink adds tremendous convenience.

All things considered, I have no reservations about recommending the Delta Junction matte black kitchen faucet to anyone renovating their kitchen.

Its modern aesthetic and reliable performance make it a top choice in my book. For the value you receive, I believe it’s absolutely worth the investment. This kitchen sink faucet has definitely earned me a permanent home in my updated space.

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