How to Get Rid of Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Faucet? – Important Reasons and Ways to Know

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Kitchen faucets are used for many purposes in every home which is why they are the most important fixture in your kitchen. Hence they should work well at all times when you have a faucet in the kitchen for doing tasks.

Unfortunately, there is a big issue that comes with many people’s kitchen faucets. We have seen certain people have to face low water pressure in the kitchen tap.

But thankfully, there are certain solutions to low water kitchen faucet issues.

One of the most amazing things for you is these solutions are pretty easy and simple. Therefore, you can easily do them without calling a professional plumber to solve your problems.

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What are the reasons of the low water pressure in the kitchen faucet?

This is a common problem that can become at any time, there are multiple reasons that are the result of low water pressure. But, here we’ll tell you the most common reasons that often become issues for people.

These are the following reasons that you should know them:

  • Blocked aerator
  • Bad cartridge
  • Damaged water lines
  • Leakages
  • Impaired pressure valve

These are the most common factors that can reduce your kitchen faucet water pressure. Even also their impact may affect your entire home water.

Now the question is how they can affect water pressure? Let’s know each factor how it may affect the pressure.

Blocked Aerator

For your kind information, whenever you’re facing low water pressure in the kitchen faucet, so you never tension about it. In this case, you should open the faucet aerator to clean it well with a brush and pin. You’ll have to open its entire holes so that it can deliver the water with entire holes.

At certain times, using of water with unlimited time block the aerator or it blocks by water dust.

When you have a water pressure issue you don’t need to do anything before checking the aerator because often it has been blocked.

This tip may help you to save you from falling into a big job.

Bad cartridge

When you have clean the aerator, but you’re still facing the same problem, then the 2nd thing that you should check is the bad cartridge.

This is another factor that affects the water pressure in kitchen faucets, so your faucet cartridge should be working properly.

Since we use our kitchen faucet many times in a day, however, it is closed and opened many times due to which the cartridge is gone loose. Or debris of minerals can build a home at a cartridge that reason of spoil it which is why the water pressure might be slow.

Damaged water lines & leakage

If you have checked both steps, but still you have been sticking with a low water pressure problem, you must check the water lines.

Sometimes the water line might be damaged or leak which become the reason of the low pressure of the water.

In this case, you must check the leak point where it is? unfortunately, this is not an easy way to find the leakage from the pipelines.

But the simple solution is you should hire a professional plumber and change the water lines.

Since this process may take your much time but after that, it doesn’t make sure you have solved the problem or not.

Finding the leakage point is a very hard way this is why we have told you one of the best and simple ways.

Impaired pressure valve

Another factor is the spoilt pressure valve which can be a reason of affecting the water pressure in the kitchen faucet.

The pressure valve controls the water pressure that comes into the water supply lines from the outdoor.

This valve should be located at the right place so that it can adjust the water pressure and save it from low pressure.

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