Why Is My Moen Faucet LED Light Blinking

Why Is My Moen Faucet LED Light Blinking

Why Is My Moen Faucet LED Light Blinking?

Moen kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets are great alternatives to traditional faucets. The company offers several kitchen and bathroom faucets with added technology to make them easier to use, even when you have your hands full. However, like any other product, these Moen faucets go on strike from time to time.

The faucet may stop working completely, work intermittently, or the LED light may flicker constantly. If that little light at the bottom of your faucet keeps blinking, then here are
some things you’ll have to try. Let’s find out what you need to do the next!

Why is My Moen faucet LED Light blinking?

You’ll see the Moen kitchen and bathroom faucets have a blue LED light that provides users information about your faucet based on the number of blinks or blink sequence. There are a few different types of Moen offers few different types of faucets that have different styles and features, so the blanking of LED light and sequence are slightly different.

If your Moen faucet has a gray control box with power lines at the top and bottom, the blue light will indicate it is in electronic mode. The LED light stays on for about 2 seconds, which means your faucet is now in electronic mode.

If the blue light flashes quickly, the battery is almost empty. Moen claims the batteries should last around two years with daily use, but some people have mentioned battery life issues with these faucets.

On the other hand, you may have a black control box under the sink. There are supply lines feeding the bottom of the box, however, with a larger line on the left side of the box. When the blue LED light comes on (it stays on for about 2 seconds), this indicates that electronic mode has been activated.

Whenever you see the light is flashing slowly, this means the battery life is going to finish soon and you’ll have to replace it. As soon as the batteries are almost empty, the LED light will flash rapidly, indicating that the batteries now need to be replaced.

Why is my Moen Smart Faucet not working?

With the additional technological capabilities of Moen Smart Faucets, there are more areas that can fail or fault. Sometimes these functions fail, resulting in the faucet not working as it should or at all.

Before calling a plumber for help, check the wiring. Make sure the data cable is properly connected to the control box. Check the power supply cable (either to the battery pack or to the power supply) and make sure it is firmly and securely connected to the control box.

If your Moen faucet has a battery pack, check its batteries from the inside. Although Moen claims these batteries should last up to at least 2 years before needing replacement, many people have reported battery life issues. Sometimes batteries need to be replaced more frequently because they lose power quickly.

So, you can check your faucet’s batteries in the
pack. Make sure they are properly aligned and firmly seated on the mount. If they are loose in the battery pack, the faucet can function erratically, with random inconsistencies in performance.

Whenever you feel that you have to change Batteries so quickly then it may not be a problem of batteries because the fault may be in your faucet which is why batteries are quickly empty. The culprit is often the sensor. Therefore, replacing the sensor with a working sensor will resolve these issues and the batteries can last for several years.

Replacing the sensor, however, requires disassembling the faucet. So if you are unfamiliar with the process, seek professional help.

How Can I reset the sensor on My Moen Faucet?

Resetting the sensor on your Moen faucet is a very easy process. You can turn off the entire sensor and turn it back on, or reset the entire faucet. There is a slight difference between each faucet, but the process is relatively the same.

 Reset Your Faucet’s sensor

To reset your faucet’s sensor, turn off both and turn them back on. Deactivate each sensor by holding your hands in front of both sensors for 10 seconds. Wait until the blue LED on the ready sensor (front sensor) flashes twice. Now move your hands away from the sensor and turn off the water.

Then re-enable the sensors by repeating this process.

Reset Your Faucet

Sometimes you may have to reset the entire faucet to restore proper operation. Let’s take the example of Moen’s MotionSense hands-free faucet. To reset the entire faucet, unplug the power cord (either the battery cord or the AC adapter), which is a round black wire, from the control box. Disconnect the data cable from the control box, which is a flat black cable.

Wait 60 seconds while disconnecting both cables from the control box.

Now ensure that there is a 3-foot clearance above the sink in front of the sensor. Clear dishes or other obstacles out of the way. Next, connect the data cable first and make sure it is firmly and securely connected.

Once the data cable is attached, connect the power cable. Make sure the cable is firmly connected to the control box.

After plugging in both cables, wait at least sixty seconds for the faucet to turn on. In some cases, this can take at least two minutes.

After the faucet stops cycling, check that it is working properly.

Some faucets, such as the U by Moen faucet, can be reset according to factory settings. Note that this will reset your device and remove any presets you have customized. Simply insert a paper clip into the reset button on the control box. It’ll be on the left or right side of the box, near the bottom.

Now push and hold the button with a paper clip until you hear two beeps. After the beep, remove the clip and reconnect the device.

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