7 Types of Kitchen Faucets – Should Consider Before Buying

7 Types of Kitchen Faucets Should Consider Before Buying

7 Types of Kitchen Faucets:

Believe all kitchen faucets are the same? There are actually more than a dozen types of faucets, with some differences in how they work and others differ in design. Whether you’re looking for a simple faucet or you’re looking for something extra special, here are 7 styles to consider.

Here Are the 7 Types of Kitchen Faucets in the Market

1. Pull-out faucets

Pull-out faucets are equipped with a single handle that allows you to adjust the temperature and water flow.

There’s also a built-in detachable spray head that snakes out of the faucet. This type of faucet is versatile and can make washing dishes easier or create good pressure in hard-to-reach areas.

2. Pull-Out Faucets

Pull-out faucets are similar to pull-out faucets with different designs. This type of faucet has the head fixed down.

The faucet head can be pulled down to extend the faucet to some extent, but it does not have a free-flow hose. You have less flexibility, but a pull-down faucet also creates less mess. Read our shopping guide here to find the best pull-out kitchen faucet for you.

3. Two-Handle Faucets

One-handle faucets make up most the kitchen faucets today, but you still have the option of installing a one-handle faucet that has two handles.

This style is more traditional and fits well in all types of kitchens, including modern and country kitchens. If you like the idea of controlling hot and cold water with separate handles, this is the look for you.

4. Commercial Faucets

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, a commercial faucet might be for you. These high-end faucets are designed for intensive use and have features you won’t find on other faucets.

Commercial faucets are also great for making a statement if your sink is the focal point of your kitchen or you have a chef’s kitchen. In addition to a solid design, this type of faucet usually includes a swivel spout to move the spout as needed.

5. Touchless Faucets

Do you want a quality faucet that stays clean? A touchless faucet is equipped with motion detection technology to turn on automatically when you need it. Moen is currently the leading manufacturer of motion sensor faucets, which allows you to turn the faucet on or off with a flick of your wrist.

This type of faucet offers the ultimate convenience. When your hands are dirty, simply shake them under the tap to clean them without spreading the dirt. You can also place a pitcher directly under the faucet to fill it up in moments. Touchless faucets are also good for preventing the spread of germs on faucet handles.

6. Pot Filler Faucets

Crock filler faucets are unique faucets with a body that turns outwards. Pot fillers rotate and roll over large pots for quick and easy mess-free filling. Many pot fillers are wall-mounted, but not all.

7. Wall Mounted Faucets

If you want to turn heads, a beautiful wall-mounted a kitchen faucet is a great option. A wall-mounted faucet can save space and make cleaning the sink area easier.

These faucets are available in many materials and styles, from antique to elegant to modern. The main disadvantage of a wall-mounted faucet is that it needs careful installation to avoid splashing.

What Is A four Hole Kitchen Faucet?

When deciding on a brand-new kitchen tap, there are many functions to consider, from dealing with patterns to spout options. Perhaps the maximum
essential consideration, however, is mounting fashion. When buying a tap,
owners want to make certain that their desired mounting fashion is compatible
with their sink’s format.

Inspect The Sink

Before looking for a brand new tap, owners have to
investigate their sinks. Each sink has a selected quantity of mounting holes. When it
involves kitchen sinks, maximum come geared up with one to 4 mounting holes. The
greater holes the sink has, the greater tap functions they are able to accommodate. Ahead, examine greater approximately the diverse mounting hole configurations.

Single Hole Faucets

When sinks have one mounting hollow, they may be geared up with one deal with taps.

Double Hole Faucets

Two hollow taps are available in numerous configurations. Some of them have identical fundamental shape as unmarried hollow taps, and the second hole is used for a further characteristic, like a cleaning soap dispenser. Other hollow taps use an elegant bridge shape.

Three Hole Faucets

Many kitchen sinks are geared up with 3 hollow taps; the tap is established withinside the center hollow, and the 2 handles are established at the outer holes. While this format is standard, 3-hole configurations can from time to time accommodate extra sink functions. For example, pull-out sprayers do now no longer require an additional hollow, and they’re regularly used with 3 hollow taps.

Four Hole Faucets

Four-hollow taps also are very famous, as they allow for extra versatility than the opposite options. The tap makes use of one hollow, the handles use one, and a further characteristic is established withinside the fourth hollow. These functions vary from dispensers to sprayers to air gaps.

Styles Of Four-Hole Faucets

Four-hollow taps aren’t simply the maximum flexible option;
they’re additionally to be had in extensive sorts of patterns and finishes. Buyers can opt
for present-day gooseneck taps, that have a high arc best for filling large
pots. Shepherd’s criminal taps imbue any kitchen with traditional fashion, and
immediately spouts have an outstanding reach. Pull-out and pull-down taps are
additionally famous, as they make cleansing and cooking easier.

Buyers can discover 4 hollow taps in a big selection of finishes and substances. Popular substances encompass chrome steel and brass, and famous finishes vary from nickel to bronze to chrome.

Additional Features

Four hollow taps include a whole lot of extra functions. They can also additionally have a spray/stream selector, which lets customers replace among modes. Pullout spouts are a beneficial mixture of spray and spout functions. Side sprayers are another not unusual place addition.

Matching sink and faucet

When choosing a faucet for a new or existing sink, it’s important to choose a faucet that complements the size of the sink. This isn’t just a matter of style; When homeowners choose a large faucet for a shallow sink, water from the sink splashes onto the counter. On the other hand, if the faucet is too small for the sink, the limited reach of the water makes it difficult to clean the corners of the sink. Four-hole sinks are rarely small, and homeowners with this sink design should take care to select the correct sized faucet.

My Verdict

I hope this detail will be helpful for you because i brought the detail about each type of model which is used in our kitchens. This guide will inform you how many types of kitchen faucets are there and what are the most poular models in the market.

Most people use single hanlde kitchen faucets with high arc since they are easy to install and perfect for washing and filling.

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