Is MOEN Integra Kitchen Faucet Worth Buying in 2024?

When I picked this model, a question remained in my mind. Is MOEN Integra still worth buying in 2024? Because it is not a new piece in Moen faucets.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features and functionality of the MOEN Integra kitchen faucet and evaluate if it stands up against newer competitors. We’ll consider aspects like design, performance, installation, and warranty to determine if this faucet remains an ideal choice for your kitchen. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of whether the MOEN Integra offers the right balance of form and function for your needs at its price point.

How is MOEN Integra Kitchen Faucet Worth Buying?

MOEN Integra Kitchen Faucet

Design and Overall Look

Overall Rating: 8/10

The MOEN Integra 67315C faucet has a modern, clean design that will enhance any kitchen or bathroom space. It features a high-arch spout that pulls down and swivels 360 degrees, allowing for maximum flexibility when washing dishes, vegetables, or your hands.

This faucet is ergonomically designed with a single lever handle that provides precise temperature and water flow control with just one touch. Its high-polish chrome finish gives it an ultra-sleek, reflective appearance that works with any interior design aesthetic.

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Durability is a top priority for MOEN. The Moen Integra kitchen faucet 67315C is constructed with premium materials built to last through daily use for years to come. Its functionality and contemporary aesthetic make it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to achieve a polished, modern look and feel in their updated kitchen or bath space.

Its overall look is very similar to the Moen Brecklyn kitchen faucet, only the spray button place makes some changes.

Effortless Functionality for Your Busy Kitchen

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

When you’re preparing multiple dishes or baking recipes that require precise water measurements, the last thing you want is a kitchen sink faucet that’s difficult to use. That’s where the Moen Integra pull-out sink faucet shines.

This Moen Integra pull out kitchen faucet features a single-finger control button spout that allows you to effortlessly switch between a forceful stream and a soft aerated spray. No more wrestling with two separate handles – just a light touch is all it takes to change the water flow to suit your task.

Its dual-function pull-out spout provides maximum flexibility too. The swiveling spout extends nearly a foot, so you can easily rinse vegetables or fill tall pots without having to contort or leave your work area. Its range of motion makes cleaning around all corners of your sink hassle-free.

The Integra from Moen kitchen faucets is perfect for busy cooks or bakers who are often working on multiple steps simultaneously. Its simple, intuitive design streamlines your process in the kitchen without sacrificing performance. Whether you need a strong jet of water to blast away stubborn messes or a gentle spray for rinsing delicate herbs, this faucet has you covered with minimal effort.

Easy to Use

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

When you’re juggling multiple tasks in the kitchen like cooking, cleaning, or caring for little ones, the last thing you want is a faucet that’s difficult to operate. The single-handle Moen Integra kitchen faucet provides easy temperature control with minimal effort.

This pull out kitchen faucet features a single lever handle that regulates both water flow and temperature. With just a light touch, you can smoothly glide the handle through its 100-degree arc to get the water temperature you need – whether that’s hot for steaming veggies or just warm for rinsing dishes.

The Integra also makes adjusting the water stream a breeze. Its flexible swing spout rotates a full 120 degrees so you can position the flow exactly where you need it with only one hand.

Best of all, you won’t wear yourself out operating this faucet. Moen engineered it to function with less than 5 pounds of force, so even small children can use it with ease.

How to install Moen Integra kitchen faucet?

Overall Rating: 10/10

When updating fixtures in your home, the last thing you want is a complicated installation process that takes up your whole weekend. The Moen Integra kitchen faucet is designed to save you time and stress with simple DIY installation.

This single handle sink faucet can be mounted through either one or three holes in your sink, so it’s compatible with almost any kitchen layout. An optional deck plate is also included to cover up unused holes for a seamless look.

Moen’s Duralock quick connect system means no soldering or Teflon tape is required – just push to lock the supply lines in place. The Integra can usually be fully installed within an hour with basic tools and no plumbing experience needed.

After installation, the Integra continues to save you effort. Its retractable pulldown hose extends cleaning reach while also automatically retracting back neatly out of the way.

If an easy, no-fuss update is what you need, the Moen Integra is the clear choice. Its intuitive design gets your new faucet installed and working in no time, so you can get back to more important tasks in your busy kitchen.


Overall Rating: 10/10

When making a major purchase for your home, it’s reassuring to know the product is backed by a strong warranty. The Moen Integra kitchen faucet comes with a lifetime limited warranty for residential use, protecting the original owner against defects.

This comprehensive warranty gives homeowners confidence their new faucet is built to last. It covers leaks, drips and finish issues for as long as the original purchaser owns the home. Even if any minor problems arise down the road, Moen has you covered.

For commercial applications like in restaurants or cafes, Moen still stands behind their product with a solid 5-year warranty. This demonstrates the Integra’s durability for high-use environments.

Whether you’re shopping for your own home or a business, Moen removes the risk with their strong warranty coverage. You can feel assured your Integra faucet is protected and won’t need replacing for many years of use and enjoyment. Its quality construction and warranty provide lasting peace of mind.


Overall Rating: 8/10

While price is understandably a key consideration, focusing too much on cost could undermine the value and quality of this faucet.

The Moen Integra indeed carries a higher price tag than some other kitchen sink faucet options. However, when you consider the lifetime of use you’ll get from such a well-made product, it’s truly an affordable investment.

Moen only uses premium brass, ceramic disc valves, and other durable materials engineered to withstand daily wear and tear for decades. With proper care, one Integra faucet will quite possibly outlast multiple cheaper replacements over the years.

You’re also paying for trouble-free convenience. As discussed, the Integra installs easily and operates effortlessly through its smooth single-handle control. It provides the flexibility to tackle any kitchen task with minimal effort.

Over time, the Integra will save you frustration compared to a lower-quality faucet that requires frequent repairs or replacement of worn parts. Its warranty also removes long-term risks.

While the initial outlay is higher, the Moen Integra offers unparalleled value through reliability, functionality, and long lifespan. In the long run, the cost evens out to a very reasonable price for years of dependable service.

Final Verdict

After considering all Moen Integra kitchen faucet’s features and comparing it to newer competitors on the market, we can confidently say that yes – the MOEN Integra kitchen faucet remains a worthy investment in 2024.

While some faucets now offer high-tech additions like touchless controls or integrated filters, the tried-and-true functionality of the Integra still can’t be beaten. It’s simple, durable design ensures reliable performance for decades to come. As long as home chefs need flexible water delivery and precise temperature control, the Integra delivers.

Its classic chrome style also means the Integra won’t look dated anytime soon. Unlike trendier finishes, its timeless aesthetic will complement a wide range of kitchen designs for years to come. Updatable accents keep things feeling fresh.

With MOEN’s strong warranty and reputation for customer service still backing Integra, it offers a very low risk for your investment. You can feel confident this faucet will continue to work as smoothly 5, 10 or even 20 years down the line.

While pricier than some competitors, the Integra’s longevity and lack of maintenance requirements make it extremely affordable in the long run. If you value dependable performance from your kitchen fixtures above flashy extras, this workhorse MOEN model remains an excellent choice. Its proven design and build quality cement its place as a worthwhile fixture for any new kitchen.


how to install a water filter in the Moen Integra pull-out faucet?

The first step is to gather the necessary materials which include a Moen inline filter cartridge compatible with your faucet model as well as the filter housing and mounting bracket. Make sure to shut off the water supply lines underneath the sink before starting the installation process.

You’ll then want to disconnect the faucet hose from the existing water supply line. Take the filter housing and attach it between these two connection points so it is placed inline. Next, screw the filter cartridge securely into the housing.

Once the cartridge is securely in place, go ahead and mount the housing bracket using the included hardware. This provides stability and helps support the weight of the filter housing. Then, simply turn the water lines back on and allow any air to flush out of the lines.

And with that, your filtered water is just a pull of the faucet away. Replacing the filters every 2-6 months depending on usage keeps the water fresh. Proper filtration also helps your Integra faucet perform at its best over the long run. An inline filter is an affordable and simple way to upgrade your kitchen faucet and enjoy cleaner drinking water directly from the tap.

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